Friday, August 7, 2009

Millejuana for Bucky and Strider!

The boys are doing so fabulous!

Several times all 3 have been willing to sit on my hand and take treats. I present the opportunity at least once a day.

Below is a video - this one is Strider and Bucky. I think you will agree that Bucky is making fabulous progress! I'm so proud of them how they are enjoying one another's company and getting along famously.

And, they do love their millet...

Which I have renamed to: Millejuana!



Arlene said...

This is such a great video. I love that you don't try to force training on them. They just do what they want when they want. The three amigos.
I love it!

p.s. you have a delightful NC accent. :)

scotty said...

I luv to see them getting along so nicely.
there very sweet keets, and I think that one of them [I don't know which one] looks very much like Oliver.
your voice is so soothing, and so not a Joisey accent!

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