Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm In Charge of the Nanny-Cam !

Good news:

Dad put me in charge of the 'Nanny-Cam'...
And, I plan to take my responsibilities seriously.

(He did tell me to give her a wide berth... no closer than five feet at any time.
He doesn't want to have to take me to the vet for a 'crushing' incident.)

And, we now have a system.
(Do not tell mom - it is a secret code):

One Bark:
Mom is heading toward the kitchen, unattended!

Two Barks:
Mom has removed her safety helmet!

Three Barks and a Howl:
Mom is contemplated walking down the stairs unattended.
Call out the posse!

Several have inquired as to my feelings on the recent events in the home. You all know me so well - you just knew I would have something to say! That warms my fur!

For anyone who is wondering, I am still very traumatized by the incident that I reported in my previous post. So the inquiries about my welfare are much appreciated, after all - it is all about me... isn't it??

With the way she yelled for my dad to bring ice when she fell and hurt her toe - I ran directly into my crate. (I'm not sure why, but it seemed the right thing to do.)

I'm just going to say it - there has been way too much high-pitched screaming around here lately for my taste. Do I have to remind these people one more time about my sensitive ears?

After the screaming subsided, I bravely left my crate. Realizing it was just a broken toe, I was admittedly confused. With the screaming that was going on, you would have thought it was something serious, like:

1. She found a snake in the bird room; or
2. My snau'sage container was empty!!!

Other than those two items, I think that sort of high-pitched, frantic scream is a bit unnecessary. And besides, it hurts my ears.

This makes me wonder - could my snau'sage container actually be empty?
I must make a mental note to check that...

Well, time for me to sign off.
Captain Barney - reporting for duty!

Does this thing come in different flavors?



Eriisu-chan said...

Let's hope there is no need for further encoding... I'm SURE mommy will BEHAVE to help heal her toe... RIGHT, Robin? *glare*

Bonbon's and chocolate macaroons! ;)

Arlene said...

Good work Barney.
We know you're on duty so we won't bother you too much.
Keep us posted on how things are going.

p.s. Don't be afraid to tattle. I mean "report" on the current situation. :-)

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