Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Grounded!

Ok - I give fair warning - if you are squeamish - just step away from the computer... the next picture you see won't be as pretty as this one!

Don't say that I didn't warn you.... this could make a grown-man say OUCH!

I wasn't going to say anything, because I was on a roll with the behavior posts. But circumstances dictate that I take a couple days off. So I will give you the details...

Well, I will give you some of the details... and wild horses won't drag the rest of them out of me. I do have some dignity left... after all... well, some....!!!

Last Saturday night, I inadvertently tripped over Barney, landed all my weight on my big toe, bent it in a way that God never intended, and - well, I don't recommend trying this in your home.

Ok, now is the time - to look away - if you get squeamish...

This picture was taken 24 hours after the incident. Now, fast forward.

Just when I am almost a week into my big-toe healing process, I had a little 'in-home' accident Friday night.

I will spare you both the details and that photo. Trust me, you'd rather see my toes with the French manicure. So, please don't ask... (that includes you too, Jim and Marianne), cos "I ain't talking" lips are sealed.

(Let's just say I'm grounded... see below.)

I just got back from the emergency room where I received 11 big, black, ugly stitches.

(Would you think they could use flesh colored ones as a courtesy?)

I'm just sayin'.... I made the suggestion.

I was also a little disturbed when the doc said 'don't cover it up' with a bandage.

I'm confused. I received a prescription for antibiotics, but yet, I cannot cover it up because it might cause it to become too moist and get infected? Then, what good are the pills?

I'm going to be honest and say that I couldn't help wondering if the real reason that he didn't want me to cover up the stitches had anything to do with him placing his signature just below them, adding his cell phone number, and saying 'call if you like my work'??

Ok - their stitches... their rules.... I get them out in 5 days.

But on a serious note, I couldn't compliment the entire hospital staff more - they were fabulous. From the person at the front desk down to the surgeon - they were all top notch. I was taken back immediately, and in two hours they were done with me, surgeon's signature, cell phone number and all.

He was really great; he said the numbing shots would burn like fire. But he didn't realize that my toe was killing me. Actually, I felt nothing. And, I'm not a needle kind of gal - I usually cry before I get the shot.

He complimented me for being 'tuff as nails', but honestly, I only felt one of the way too many shots ever so slightly. No big deal - he should try walking on a broken big toe, and then tell me that those tiny little needles are going to hurt!

As you can imagine, my husband has grounded me.
And, he means it this time.
He is hovering worse than all get out.

So, I'll be taking a few days off - besides, it's no fun trying to write with a nanny-cam shoved in your face.... it sort of interferes with my creativity.

So, I will see you when I am off probation and on my feet again!

(PS: I mean it, Marianne and Jim, don't even ask!)



Anonymous said...

Since Marianne & Jim can't ask, CAN I????? :) What on earth happened to you Miss Robin? As if breaking the big toe wasn't bad enough, (OUCH!!!!) now you've gone and done something else and had to have 11 stitches. Wow, some people will do ANYTHING to get out of work and get a few days off, won't they? Hehehe. Sorry I'm laughing. I just can't believe all that's happened to you. So will you ever be revealing the whole story to the public eye on the stitches incident, or will we forever be kept in suspense? Hmmmmm, you better hang low for a few days and then you can tell us. Please, please, please don't have any more accidents. Just get better SOON, ok? And you're right, that photo is NOT a pretty sight. :)

Take care Robin and know that you're being thought of. Better yet, I'm praying for you.

A Forever Friend, Donna

Shirley Morgan said...

OK Robin... WHAT HAPPENED? You tripped and fell again and split it wide open??? OMG! That sounds horribly painful..!! I'm REALLY sorry! What do Coco and Barney have to say about this? Gonna give Jim a call later this a.m..... And do take care -- I hope the pain meds are working and hope you heal real fast!! Love you!

Marianne said...

John wants to know if HE can ask..... :D

I promise I won't tell mom and dad. :D

Freda said...

Oh my how sad you made it all the way to Michigan and back safely, without a scratch. But can't make it passed little Barney.
I truly feel for you knowing how hard it is to maneuver around our little fur kids.
I do hope you get to feeling better soon.
But I just can't wait to hear Barney and Coco's side of this story.
Robin Get Better I'll keep you in my prayers.

Cannuck said...

Robin... Artist...writers...well they are supposed to starve, not break to pieces ;-)

Perhaps if we wrapped you in toilet paper and put a football helmet on you, you might be allowed to write again?

I know you said no asking but how can you expect us not to ask??

Maggie is just going to ask Coco, she'll tell you know!

Take it easy Robin, and No more accidents ok?!

Arlene said...

Uh Oh!
I know 11 stiches is a lot. So it must be bad. :(
You're probably not going to give in and tell us anything and that's ok. Well not really, but we understand.

And what makes you think we don't want to see pictures and hear the details! Sorry.

Just take it easy and stay put.
Oh no, does this mean 'you know who' will be tending to Coco? Look out!

Eriisu-chan said...

You never said I couldn't ask.... so I'm asking! What happened? =P

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