Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Back from My Trip!

I'm back!!!!

It was undoubtedly a long trip - and it is nice to be home.
The travel both directions was completely flawless. Thanks and blessings to all of you that said a prayer for me!

Wednesday morning, I made it through the entire mountain pass, and across the Tennessee line without passing a single car or truck. Being a stretch of over 50 miles, such is simply unheard of - an answer to prayer. Even with leaving at 5:15 am - traffic would be expected to be lighter but never non-existent.

There was plenty of travel in the opposite direction, so I believe I had an angel or 3 on the front of my truck clearing the way as I traveled around the curves and through the tunnels under cover of darkness, fog and a light misty-rain.

The significance of not coming upon a single car or truck is that I was able to remain on the right hand (trucker) side, thus avoiding the left-hand, shoulderless lane where one must hug the concrete barrier and protect tired eyes from the direct onslaught of opposing headlights. I was especially grateful for this blessing.

Naturally, the wedding was absolutely perfect! A few people have asked, so I am working on the feasibility of uploading and posting a video of the part of the ceremony when I sang to the happy couple. They were so precious - the two of them - and I am so very happy for them! What a joy to share in the celebration of their new lives together!

My nephew was exceptionally nervous the night before the wedding...

How nervous was he?

He introduced me to his groomsmen as his "Aunt Diane"!

(By the way - there is no one in our entire family named Diane! We have no idea where that came from!)

I returned one day earlier than anticipated as the birds' babysitter (husband) became ill. He is doing much better now.

He had a few stories to tell though - and in tomorrow's post I am just going to go ahead and let Coco tell her version - as it seems there was a bit of an incident and Coco's view of things is quite different from his! Imagine that! So be sure to check back tomorrow - I'll be all rested up and back to my blogging!



Shirley Morgan said...

Welcome back, Robin!

Marianne said...

The "aunt Diane" is because two of the groomsmen's mother is named Diane and he used to call her "aunt Diane" when he was little. :D

but he knows who his aunt Robin is because he's "smart because of her" (at least that's her version, LOL!

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