Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Notice Things

I just wanted to go on record - that I notice things. (Especially in this position where all the blood rushes to my head and my intelligence level increases by the second. It is much more effective than ginko biloba.)

I notice that in the 3 new signature pieces that my mom has... I am only featured in one!

So - I've made an important life time decision. (And, yet - it does not involve food or rawhides! I know - shocking!)

My mom is leaving for a trip to celebrate her nephew's nuptials this coming week. By the way, 'nuptials' is another word for 'wedding'. I learned that when my dad stuffed me in the crate on Friday while he left to have the brakes done and oil changed in preparation for the road trip - and I was watching
Friday's episode of The Young and the Restless.

In other words, he got to go out into public where there are all sorts of people who wanted to rub my belly... I was lingering in an over-sized doggie den with the tv instead of belly-rubbers.

(I also learned that none of the people on the afternoon soap operas have dogs. Can anyone explain that one to me? I didn't think so!)

So, back to my point - since I am only featured in one of the 3 signature pieces (see below), I've decided that I will be going to visit Arlene during the wedding week. Arlene no doubt can show me how to use Photoshop?! Yes, I'm thinking she can.

And - she probably has a dog biscuit or two in her cupboard? If not - head's up Arlene - the stores are open late on the weekends! (Don't forget - I love snau'sages!)



wolfgirl1987 said...

Silly silly Barney.

Arlene said...

Boy oh boy. You don't demand too much attention do you Barney. You silly doggie. :)
Oh and btw, you do look pretty sad in that picture. Good one Barney. You are one pampered pooch. :) :)

Marianne said...

Hey, Barney, she's holding YOU, but not the birds. That's got to count for something, eh? ;)

Brandon said...

I always love Barney's part of the blog, they are always so good! :) You are a silly doggie Barney, you remind me of my dog Bandit, so demanding!

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