Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fingers Crossed-Stitches Out Tomorrow!

Fingers crossed....

If they are ready, the stitches come out tomorrow afternoon!
Thank goodness!

There is always a small chance that they will not be ready, but I am hoping for the best. In fact, I have a pep-talk scheduled with them just prior to bedtime. I want to be sure that they know I've appreciated them, but it is time for them to move on to the trash can.

I suppose this means it will also be safe to remove the surgeon's calling card (signature and cell phone number)!

I must be honest about something.

I have been utterly shocked that no one seems to believe my plausible explanation:

A Bar Fight

I mean - you all believe me, right?
Yes - definitely - a bar fight.

I mean, people are acting like it is not even a realistic scenario - do you believe that?

It is not like it is impossible...


Yes, clearly it was a bar fight.

I'm pretty sure I jumped between two people to save the day... and... the rest could be pretty foggy.

Not only are people acting like a bar fight is not a plausible explanation, but they are not even courteous enough to ask if the other guy looks worse than me!

(If someone says they got into a bar fight, I think the least thing folks should do is inquire as to how bad the other person looks, don't you??)

Since Friday night, notwithstanding a minor incident when I dropped and broke a ceramic cup (I was not harmed), I am happy to report that I have not:

1-Tripped over anything or anyone
2-Poisoned myself by accident
3-Poisoned anyone else by accident
4-Fallen out of bed
5-Burned myself, cut myself, or bruised myself

I am sad to report that despite the scheduled removal of my stitches, my husband has advised me that I am not able to ditch the safety helmet or the neon yellow and orange safety jacket.

Do you know how embarrassing it is at a stop light to have someone in the next car over roll down their window and ask if you know when a certain road project will be completed?

Or, to have someone at the grocery store say that the soup is "in the same aisle as the lady that glows in the dark?"

I'm just sayin'....

Barney, as always, is a shining light in my life. I believe he knows something is not quite right, and his reaction has been to keep me in constant sight. Yep - good thing Barney is always on duty making sure I don't hurt myself anymore!



Arlene said...

Barney's on duty. Ha! Poor guy is all tuckered out.
Well good luck with the stitch removal and we'll wait ever so patiently (sure we will) for the facts behind the "bar fight". :-)

Freda said...

Bar Fight,LOL
It sounds good but what was Barney doing in a bar with you??? ha ha ha
Must have been the Irish whiskey calling to all Barney's.
Good Luck with the removal and keep the helmet.
Love the blogs.

Marianne said...

bar fight. yeah. right.

Eriisu-chan said...
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Eriisu-chan said...

You've always glowed in dark! I mean... it might be because of your yellower-than-yellow safety vest THIS time... but usually, it's your radiant smile! ;)

Also, I TOTALLY believe your bar fight story. I do. Ever heard the joke; "A man walks into a bar. Ouch!"? I believe it in the sense that "Robin walks -into- a bar and trips over it, taking most of toe down with her..."

You poor thing! *hugs*

scotty said...

Hey...what stitches???? seems that I was not informed about this accident?

but about dat bar you go to,I've been tellin ya.... STOP with da booze, but Noooo... ya godda have dat last one fer da road, any ways I hope yer toes hangin in there..

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