Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do They Think I Can't Smell?

Grape flavored children's Benadryl?

C'mon, people....

Did you two really think you could pull that one off?

I am part basset hound... and, I do have a working nose....

May I suggest children's Benadryl in bacon or turkey flavor next time?

Ok - on a more serious note...
I'm a little bummed out.

Why you ask? (Thank you for asking - usually people only truly care about the birds...)

Birds, birds, birds... everything around here seems to revolve around things with wings that make noise.

So, yes - I must admit I am a little bummed.
The night my mom came home from the wedding (Saturday), naturally, I was under her feet. Where else should I be? I even tried to crawl up her pant leg, but that didn't work out so well for me. I'll have to rethink that one.

She was very tired, as you might imagine, after driving 1,200 miles in 4 days. So, I stayed close to her just to make sure she didn't slip away from me again.

That evening, she went to get up from her computer chair, and...

Tired coupled with her natural clutziness did not make for a happy ending.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, it all went so fast as my doggie-life flashed before my handsome brown eyes.

Before I knew it, she had tripped and fallen, and couldn't even get up!

She was yelling out for my dad to bring some ice, but I have never heard that sort of high pitched, urgent scream, and - well, it scared me. (I am very sensitive, as you can imagine).

It's not a big deal; she just broke a bone.

But, enough about her (and the birds). What is important is that I have been feeling very traumatized and vulnerable. I've not wanted to go into the bird room since! I am sure that this entire incident somehow had something to do with those birds! Those 4 little trouble-makers...

She posts pictures of everything little thing I do - should I post a picture of her broken bone when she's not looking? Oh, and I am wondering - will she be forced to endure ear drops and have grape flavored children's Benadryl shoved down her throat? Yeah... I figured not... seems like a double standard to me!

Time for a snau'sage break and a belly rub - see you later!
The 'Barn Boy'



Arlene said...

Barney sure does have some ups and downs.
But doesn't he look happy and content laying there. ;)

Freda said...

Barney your mom must need a rest to after all she has endured, So be sure to leave her room.

Eriisu-chan said...

Did you really break a bone? Are you ok?

I mean, you must be is Barney took the time to write up a post for us... but... you are ok, right?

Robin said...

My reputation as a clutz remains intact... lol! Just my big-toe... no "biggie" lol! :D

Les Mitchell said...

Seems to me the "Barn Boy" is directing the tummy rub.......has control issues....

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