Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bye Bye All Eleven!

Bye bye to all 11 stitches! Yeah! Life is slowly getting back to normal now that I have gone (knock on wood) almost one week without renewing my clutz-club vows.

I've gotten a lot of rest and sleep over the past 5 days, eaten a few bon-bon's (doctor's orders), and now it is time to resume my normal schedule and normal activities!

So, just to catch you up on everyone else:

Barney update:
He is still following me around like someone assigned him to guard duty or something. Imagine that!!

It feels like we just finished a molt (it always feels that way, doesn't it?), yet she has been losing a number of feathers lately. I think she is just trying to give my old vacuum a run for its money! It has been really hot, and she has been enjoying her showers. She seems to have a bit less than a usual appetite, but it is normal for her to go in cycles where she will eat more or less - always making up for lost time in the end!

The Boys:
Little shy Penske - has a real personality! He is willing to befriend Strider, but I have not yet seen them preen one another. They have been sharing food, so I know the relationship is progressing. A number of times, Strider and Penske have spent the night together. Plenty of times the three of them bunch up together and are just too darn cute! Penske is now fully flighted, but still refining his skills.

Poor Bucky - still struggling to get his flight feathers. He has two. Unfortunately, they are both on the same side, so they are more of a hindrance than a help. We could nickname him Scooter (since he runs so quickly), but it is too late. Sadly, we had already nicknamed him 'Thud'!

Bucky has a bit of an assertive attitude, but I feel it may be due to his inability to fly. I think once he has his wings he will not feel the need to be quite as presumptuous. He is a bit more standoffish to Strider than is Penske, but I have seen them feeding one another on a few occasions as well. The relationships will take time to grow, and in the meantime, they are living together famously. There is plenty of room for everyone to have their own corner if they need some space.

Strider, meanwhile, has been asserting himself as the oldest boy budgie in the Fort. He does seem to have a bit of an entitlement attitude. When I pass out the nutriberries, it doesn't matter if I provide 5 or 25 - Strider feel he needs to eat whichever nutriberry someone else is chasing around!

It is such a blast to watch them chase nutriberries - one of these days I might dump a container of marbles in the Fort just to watch the show! They are a study in constant motion, chasing, playing - I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I receive out of watching them enjoy themselves!

All three budgies are molting, so you can imagine how many feathers I clean up every day. But I am happy to do it as I am so anxious for Bucky to become flighted. Once he is, we can remove the Fort's handicap provisions, raising all the perches, installing the remaining swings, and provide the boys with even more non-stop fun! Meantime, my husband was in the bird room on the computer the other day, and he said they were so loud he could not hear himself type! Come night fall, I have 3 tuckered out little boys.

I have found two things that make the boys quiet:

1) Coco yelling; and
2) Me playing my new 'Mountain Dulcimer' that my dad made out of conduit pipe!

Is this not the coolest! The pipe is cut, tuned to perfect pitch, and I presently have one set of mallets (wooden). He is making a set of mallets with leather covers that will provide a different tone.

I do not have too much of a learning curve on this home made instrument, as I began taking piano lessons when I was young, in high school I played the glockenspiel and orchestra bells, and in college I played orchestra bells, marimba, xylophone and vibraphone. The Mountain Dulcimer is somewhat similar. However, the scales are set up in a 4 x 4 fashion as opposed to following the arrangement of the white and black keys of the piano.

The dulcimer has 4 complete scales (A, D, G and C) set up as follows:

Top of Dulcimer
8 4
7 3 Key of C
6 2
5 1

8 4
7 3 Key of G
6 2
5 1

8 4
7 3 Key of D
6 2
5 1

8 4
7 3 Key of A
6 2
5 1
Bottom of dulcimer

The birds seem completely enthralled with it! Hubby is in the process of building a Fort Dulcimer (a stand and carrying case).

In the meantime, I have been plinking it while sitting on the floor...

someone mentioning something about it being "impossible for me to fall onto the floor if I was already sitting on it?"

Geesh....!!! A couple of little, minor boo-boo's and I'm constantly reminded to be careful...!



Shirley Morgan said...

I'd love to hear you play the dulcimer! Such a beatiful instrument - and congrats on getting your stitches out!

scotty said...

Is there any thing you can't do????...{HUGS}

Eriisu-chan said...

Scotty - Other then keep upright while walking? *lol* Have you SEEN her toe? =P

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