Saturday, August 1, 2009


Anyone with birds (and perhaps especially those with budgies), are well aware that they can often be picky eaters. We all spend a great deal of time fussing over what they are being fussy over. Some budgies have been known to starve themselves rather than eat something other than a junk-seed diet.

The process of conversion must be handled carefully to be sure a bird is not taking a hard line and drawing a talon-line in the newspaper. There is much online assistance; every pelleted diet provides suggested conversion tips. So I will not review them here. I will say this - if one process does not work, try another. If birds do not seem to be taking to one type of pellet, try another. Better yet, offer variety in every respect. Persistence and patience pay off. All time spent expanding and improving the nutritional value of a bird's diet is time well spent. If our children were only willing to eat potato chips, we wouldn't throw our hands up in the air and exclaim that's all they will eat... we would continue to try until we were successful, knowing that their future was dependent upon a healthy diet.

My own personal tip for the most stubborn of parrots is to soak the pellets in apple juice. Once they begin eating them, I begin watering down the apple juice, and using less and less water until I am offering them dry.

With the Tres Amigos, I have a bit of a jump start because Strider already eats Harrison's size fine pellets (high potency). The value of monkey-see, monkey-do cannot be over-estimated.

So, for Mo, Larry and Curly, today marked the start of the Pallet Expansion Program: Budgie-Dietics.

I am offering the following mix:

A small amount of:
High quality seed

Equal amounts of:
Harrison's high potency diet (size fine)
Zupreem maintenance diet (finch/canary size)
Lafeber's nutri berries diet (budgie size)

A sprinkling of:
Millet seed (for enticement value)

So far, so good - all three have tried it! I will keep you posted on their progress.

This week pellets, maybe next week veggies!

(Well, one step at a time...)!


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JayJay said...

I'm trying veggies on my birds right now. They look a little interested...

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