Friday, August 28, 2009

Bucky and Strider - Millet Eating Fiends!

Awhile back I posted an entry, including a video, of when I first began working with Strider to step onto my open palm for a bite of millet. He was fairly hesitant. That was about 6 months after he arrived.

Now - fast forward -

Strider has been here 11 months! My how time flies! I decided to take a video today of Strider's progress; however, Bucky was certainly not to be overshadowed! Each day, at least one time, I offer millet or nutriberries, either by offering a finger for them to step onto, my palm, or offering the nutriberries between my fingers as they eat while sitting on their perch. They have now reached the point that when they see me approach the cage, I have their 100% attention! Especially if I bend down and reach in the direction where their food items are stored!

Below is the original video followed by today's video! I think you will agree - they are just too darn cute! And Strider seems like a different little boy. How can so much cuteness be encapsulated in such a wonderfully tiny packages!


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Arlene said...

Now there's a perfect example of patience. I love it in the first video how Strider gets on your hand and then isn't sure what to do.
Strider has made great strides. :-)
Bucky is a funny little guy isn't he.
I notice that Penske just keeps in the background. All in good time I guess.
It's a perfect joy seeing how you interact with them.

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