Sunday, August 16, 2009

According to Coco's dad...

Ok - I guess I'll give you his side of the story first!

I left early Wednesday morning, at 5:15 am. So Coco had seen my husband Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. When Saturday morning arrived, and 3 days had passed, perhaps it was simply one day too many....

So, he entered the room as usual, opened the curtain and began dispensing the food.

At the time, she was on one of her lower perches - one that she began destroying for the first time shortly after I left town.

His Step 1:

He offered her a nut while she was sitting on the perch.

Her Response:
She turned around and walked away from him, heading up to the perch highest and furthest away from him. (Body language)

His Step 2:
After she arrived at her lofty location, he offered her the nut again.

Her Response:
He said, "She yanked the nut out of my hand, spit it out onto the floor, and the psychopath proceeded to attempt to nail my hand."

(Do you find this as shocking as me?! My sweet littl' princess? Hmmm; I think we may not be getting the whole story....)

His Step 3:
He decided to feed her and leave the room. However, at this point, he made a critical error in judgment in my opinion. He stepped off the carpet and onto her 5' x 8' fort perimeter (the enameled masonite) in order to attempt to place the food. This would not be recommended given that she had already told him twice, through her body language, that she thought him lower than common, garden variety pond scum.

Her Response:
With her wings and tail away from her body in a flared position, she made a beeline for him - "with evil intent, and in full attack mode."

(Am I the only one that finds this story unbelievable??)

His Final Step:
He quickly threw the pelleted food in his hand into her main house and "barely escaped with the clothes on my back and the nose on my face".

Of course, I simply
have a hard time grasping the idea that The Diva would act in such a manner! So, naturally, we will hear Coco's side of this story tomorrow!

PS: My husband just commented that "Coco makes Godzilla look like a cuddly little house pet."

The plot thickens!



Arlene said...

Ooo this is getting exciting.
I can't wait to read her side of all this and get the "real truth". :-)

Marianne said...

Poor Steve!

Eriisu-chan said...

Oh, the poor guy!

I can't wait to hear her side of the story... though to her defense... she DID tell him. TWICE! *gasp*

(Then again, to his defense, he'd have YOU to deal with if The Diva wasn't fed... *lol* )

scotty said...

Look if you don't want a nut don't want a nut... doesn't understand'''' Cocotalk'''' GEEEZ!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol, that's funny. Poor guy...

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