Monday, August 17, 2009

According to Coco...

Alrighty then...

I have read my dad's post. I think he needs a new pair of glasses, as he is just not seeing things very clearly! I would loan him mine, but...

Somehow, I am not surprised. But, to say I "went after him" is a bit of a stretch....

Do all humans exaggerate so much?

I was trying to make a point, and there is only one part of my body which has the natural ability to make points - and that - is the end of my beak!

None of this would have transpired if he had dropped the food and ran as I previously instructed.
Yet - he ignored my decree - and I find that almost as distasteful as being served a blanched almond.

He didn't get the message when I chewed that perch into a shape that was a perfect replica of his finger? Hello!

For 3 days I had let him know that I detested seeing his face in my fort area - but yet - he continued coming back. Well, a girl has to eat. And thus, I hatched a plan.

You see, for those 3 days, I had been secretly stashing nuggets. (I learned this trick from watching the squirrels out on the deck. I asked them one day what they were doing, and they gave me a story [longer than I cared to hear] about the value of saving for a rainy day or a cold winter.)

Trust me, squirrels can be quite long-winded. If you ask me, I think they must have some deep-seated psychological issues. I've also noticed that they seem a bit obsessive-complusive and hyperactive about their food gathering practices. But, I digress.

So, while my dad thought I was eating my food (as if it were high quality macadamia nuts or something), I was actually hiding the pellets in my secondary food hut!

The beauty of this plan was that he could not reach my secondary food hut without coming past me first... and I knew this would not happen on my watch. I never left my hidden stash unattended. He had no clue what I was doing!

So, every time he would look in on me, and see there was 'no food left' - he would give me more! Brilliant if I do say so myself!

I was polite, but aloof those first 3 days, as he played right into my wing.

More nuggets came my way like clockwork.

When day #4 arrive, I had a good 3 days worth of food stashed! Despite overhearing my mom tell him approximately how much food I ate everyday, he never suspected a thing! If there was no food in any of my foraging areas, he gave me more.

So, with a good 3 days worth of food then hidden, I decided to make my move Saturday afternoon. I was planning to banish him from my kingdom permanently (or, at least until my mom came home).

Unfortunately, the Saturday morning feeding did not go quite as I planned - I had to do a little quick thinking on my feet.

I did walk away from him the first time - at least he got that part of the story right. First, he pulled that little 'polly wanna nut' episode'. I admit, I was a bit less than amused with him. Simply drop the nut and step away from the perch....

But the real crisis came when he stepped onto my fort perimeter. See, he was coming dangerously close to the secret location of my stash in the back of my secondary food hut. In fact, he had intended on hiding some food in that exact location I had been using!

I simply could not risk the real possibility that he would find my stash. That would mean 3 days of hard work down the drain. And no doubt the little tattle-tale would run his mouth to my mom when she returned...

Ok - as humans might say - yes, I may have 'lost it' just a wee bit. When I saw him enter the perimeter - I had to act quickly. I simply could not allow him to ruin my plan.

So, yes - I did chase him off - just a little.

(He ran like a scared cat!)

Now, had he not breached the fort perimeter and moved his hand in the direction of my secret stash, none of this would have ever happened. He could have just dropped the food and ran, and I would have implemented the final stage of my plan that afternoon. But no....

Anway - all is well that ends well - he never discovered my secret stash!


Unfortunately - my mom did... find the secret stash... and, well - it did not take her long to figure out that there was a conspiracy going on. I had bought off the budgies' silence by flipping them a few extra nutraberries... (even with all 3 of them working in concert, they are still unable to open the plastic container). But, the pointy end of my beak is a multi-purpose tool.

I must say that when she questioned them, they sang like jail birds - but she couldn't get a straight story from them, so she just dropped it. I don't think that she will forget this though. Next time she goes away (if I ever let her), I am sure she will clue in my dad that I might 'stash food' again...

Oh, one other thing...

I must say that I find his comparison of me to Godzilla quite flattering!



Arlene said...

Oh Coco you little stinker. :)

I literally laughed out loud when I read how he was coming "dangerously close to the secret location of my stash".

Thanks for setting everything straight Coco.

p.s. love the diva glasses.

Eriisu-chan said...

I KNEW IT!! I knew he was hiding something, Coco! The Diva NEVAH lies!! =D

scotty said...

Ya no Coco... I think your rulin the Roost!To bad mom found your stash,anyways next time keep the keets outa the plot, you know their talkers!

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