Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Avian Tuberculosis

In yesterday's post, I wrote about Chlamydiosis, (also called psittacosis or parrot fever when it occurs in psittacines). The same disease, when it occurs in other birds or in humans is called ornithosis. Today's zoonotic disease is:

Avian Tuberculosis (mycobacteriosis):

Mycobacterium avium

Weeks to years

Avian to Avian Transmission Mode:
Inhalation or ingestion of the aerosolized organism from the feces of infected birds. Ingestion of food or water contaminated by the feces of infected birds.

Avian to Human Transmission Mode:
Same as above. However, the frequency of transmission appears to range from uncommon to rare, disproportionately affecting the immune compromised.

Human to Human Transmission:
Not established.

Avian Symptoms:
Weight loss (despite adequate appetite and food intake)
Increased drinking
Increased urination
Yellow urine
Respiratory distress
Abdominal Distention

Naturally, these symptoms are similar to many conditions. The presence of these symptoms warrants an immediate trip to an avian vet.

Treatment of avian tuberculosis is extremely difficult due to drug resistance. Growing the bacteria in the lab is time consuming, and often diagnosis is made through necropsy where lesions and other signs of the disease are observed. Unfortunately, sometimes the first symptom is death.

I think simply reading about some of these diseases are enough to make any quarantine fence-sitter an all out advocate!

Penske and Bucky may be in quarantine, but they are not hurting for love and affection. They seem to be bonding to one another quite nicely!

Just look at these sweet boys! What do you think - bonding nicely, yes?!!!

See you tomorrow!

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