Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Veggies!

This is the first Tom Pouce lily of the season... isn't it just gorgeous? And the blooms are as large as they look - the size of dinner plates or more.

It was a beautiful day on Friday, and my husband was out walking Barney in the morning. A neighbor ran down her long driveway to greet him at the road. In her hand, an obviously overloaded plastic bag.

She had been tending to her garden first thing, had harvested the veggies of the day, and presented a bag saying she had more than she needed. Isn't that great?!

It's wonderful to be able to have a garden, and a green thumb, and even nicer to have a neighbor willing to share a few fresh summer garden veggies on a beautiful morning.

These days, sometimes people hardly even know their neighbors. Up here on the mountain, the houses are a bit far apart, but people know one another and have a helpful, inclusive spirit. It was refreshing to have fresh veggies and an expression of her kindness. She has seen the two of them walking on many occasions, and one day a few months ago ran down to meet Barney in person for the first time. As usual, he was thrilled to meet a new friend (no one is a stranger to him). "Is your dog always that happy?" Ummm - YES! He's just a happy, loving boy!

Check out these fabulous goodies we received - Coco already has!

She went crazy for the banana peppers, and ate the guts out of two of them already! I think banana peppers may be one of her favorites!

Of course she will be happy to receive a taste of yellow squash and some zucchini as well. In the past she has not expressed much interest in green pepper, but it is always worth a try. Tastes change over time for both birds and humans.

Tomorrow morning I will be turning the 5 cucumbers into a yummy cucumber salad flavored with some fresh dill weed. Fresh salads and herbs are a wonderful part of summer. Coco loves herbs also! She is fond of cilantro (as is her mother), and I will occasionally give her small amounts of it along with some fresh parsley.

Fresh veggies for everyone! Enjoy the weekend!


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