Sunday, July 26, 2009

Strider... Meet Bucky & Penske!

30 days of quarantine can go by slowly or quickly, depending on one's perspective. But it is worth it! Bucky and Penske continue to look like boys, happy, healthy and passing quarantine with flying colors!

Well, about the flying part....

No, they did not pass quarantine flying...

Unfortunately, they were already clipped when they came to me. Penske now has at least one flight feather on each side, but sadly Bucky still has none. It could take awhile for the flights to come in. Penske is able to fly short distances with questionable accuracy; Bucky is pretty much earth bound.

But - never fear...

The Fort Maker Extraordinaire (aka 'hubby') handicap accessed the Fort! What a guy, huh?! He spent an entire day making modifications so that Bucky and Penske would feel welcomed, comfortable and be able to maneuver well for the time being. Ladders were added, step ups to the food hut, and all the posts and toy hooks were lowered. This way, if anyone takes a dump to the ground, it won't be far to fall.

It seems that they have already discovered a new game - taking turns playing chicken. I have seen everyone play the role of both dump-or and dump-ee at least once! They are having a blast.

Poor Strider... starved for friendship and a bit short in the social graces department...

Ooh, ooh a friend!
Come here - can we talk?
Do you want me to feed you?
Preen you?
Check out this toy!
Do you want to play?
Hello - you sure are nice.
Can we play?
Right now?
This very second?
Can I sit next to you?
Do you want to preen and feed me?

He just made a total fool of himself, in a good kind of way!
Hopefully, Strider will ease up on his over anxiousness; it's almost embarrassing - he is so obvious! I've told him to try and play it cool, but he can't help himself. He is crazy over his new friends! It is a joy to watch. I've been especially pleased that, while Bucky and Penske have a relationship, they have both been paying attention to Strider. (Not like they have a choice - he is all but pushing himself on the newbies!) There is plenty of space to get away from each other, but so far they seem to always be together, often sitting on the same perch side by side. There has been non-stop playing, chattering, and fun is being had by all.
Here is a close up of the step up hubby made for the food hut.

The cutest thing is watching Bucky use it! Strider does not need it of course. Nor does Penske, but I have still seen him using it. Once everyone is fully flighted, the handicap provisions are easily reversed.

They are a delight to watch and listen to. The noise is constant, and is of the most wonderful variety. All 3 of them have such beautiful voices! It looks like we are on the way to a great friendship!

Here are the 3 musketeers playing copy-cat! (From top to bottom: Penske, Strider, Bucky.)



Rachel said...

Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!! ♥ They look great together! :) I'm so glad they are hitting it off so well! How does the Diva feel about the new boys?

Goldielover said...

Poor Coco is probably in a state of total shock that the budgie population has tripled. I'm quite sure we'll hear both hers and Barney's take on things very shortly.

Eriisu-chan said...

This is by far the cutest post I've ever read in any blog (including my own!). I'm VERY happy to see that quarantine is finally over and that the little birds are getting along wonderfully!

The way it seems, even if the newcomers couldn't get to the food, Strider (being a wonderful host and Fort Guide) would keep them well fed and clean! Hahaha!

wolfgirl1987 said...

THey are so cute all together! Yay for being friends!

scotty said...

you know what your doing????you.. are making me want keets again!I have the cage.I don't have the fort..hint hint,I have to go now and get my mind off your beauties,stop showing them so cute, do you have a picture of you getting bit by at least one,that would snap me into reality!

Robin said...

Sorry, Scott - I've not been bit! All I can offer is more cute photos! :D

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