Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Picture of Birdie

Ok... ok..

Every one of you, that asked for a picture of Birdie... you should be ashamed of yourselves! Now you've gone and done it - you've made me cry! But, they are happy tears.

I searched high and low; and finally (!) I found it....

The picture I remembered was one taken of the two of us by my grandfather on that trip to New Port Richey I mentioned.

Of course, my grandfather is no longer with us (kleenex please, Elise?)!

Meanwhile, I came across other pictures I had forgotten about - me with a blue front I worked with from the pet store, and a double yellow head tres maria named Dick Tracy who later went into a breeding program. He was stunningly gorgeous.

And then there was the yellow nape amazon Buddy, and early pictures of Sammy!

Memories..... light the corners of our minds!

I also found a picture of Birdie in his clear plastic snap up collar! His original collar was a piece of x-ray film fitted with some rubber glued around the neck opening and stapled in place. It was not something that was removable as you can imagine. Then, he upgraded to the clear plastic snap off/snap on collar. High tech! It made my life easier!

You can see that Birdie still looks a bit worse for the wear in this picture. But he had recovered the majority of his feathers at this point. He was still a very sick bird. Of course, we did not know that his internal organs had been stressed and damaged. He had also been diagnosed with a thyroid problem and put on daily medication.

So, here it is, as requested (bear in mind, circa 198___!) It is a picture of a picture, but best I can do with no scanner.

In Loving Memory of 'Birdie'
The one who set me on a lifelong love of amazons and the world of parrots:



wolfgirl1987 said...

You are both beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

What a handsome guy! I'm so glad you shared his story - I'm always blown away by the amazing experiences you've had.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. It's a beautiful photo! But sorry for making you cry!!!
Rei and Pitchii

Shirley Morgan said...

knowing his story now... that is SO much more than just a photo of someone holding a parrot - I can see and "feel" the bond of trust and mutual attraction - beautiful!

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