Monday, July 13, 2009

More Bird Room Activities

In my post Not Just for the Birds, I related some of the activities that take place in the bird room (that is, in addition to housing Fort Coco and Fort Str'ammy)!

The bird room is always buzzing (literally) with someone or something....

It provides a place to read, knit, crochet, 'color', and spend some "hang out time" with the birds.

Hang out time is really important, especially to Coco. Often she wants to watch from a far, but sometimes she wants to get her beak into everything I am doing!

As of yesterday, there is now one more activity that takes place in the bird room. We moved the computer in.

This will give me additional hang out time with the birds. Coco loves to sit on my shoulder and preen, help adjust my glasses, or suggest new hair styles for me.

And as you know, she also commandeers the computer from time to time to give her opinions on Barney, the other birds in the house, and world affairs!

With this new activity (and associated equipment), I must take into consideration that little beaks may consider leaving the amazing fort structures to check things out. Anytime there is something new in the room, it is subject to inspection. And there is no better way to inspect than to sink one's beak into things!

We found out what happened when I inadvertently let the cord out from underneath the futon.... (!)

Although, you will recall in my post on this incident (Ring-A-Ding-Ding), that none of the birds were willing to admit any involvement or knowledge of the demise of phone cord!

Another consideration regarding the computer in the bird room is all the dust that will naturally build up.

So, I've decided to try to kill two birrr-... whoops -

Who made up that phrase?

How about this:

I've decided to kill two spiders with one shoe....

Hmmm... no - I won't get that close to spiders.

And my husband simply relocates them outdoors so they will eat mosquitoes.

Well, I'll just say that I've come up with a plan for resolving two potential issues with one hopeful solution!

The entire computer area gets covered with a large, king-sized sheet when I leave the room for the day.

Of course dad remains behind to babysit and supervise. But nontheless, precautions must be taken! I hope that out of sight means out of beak!

If nothing else, the sheet will at least prevent dust from building up on the equipment.

Tomorrow's post is bringing an interesting update on Coco's progress regarding the Great Coffee Cup Fiasco!

Those who know me, or who have read the posts relating to the coffee cup (see Conditioned Aversives - I, II, III and IV), know that giving up coffee was not an option I even casually considered. However, my coffee cup had become aversive to Coco.

Oh, boy - she and the coffee cup were not on good speaking terms!

The thought of caffeine withdrawals was an excellent incentive to get busy creating a training program!

So I look forward to sharing the progress with you tomorrow... from the new computer location!


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adifferentstory said...

Wow Robin. i can't believe you don't keep them in cages. Birds absolutely hate me. The want to attack me. I had a nasty experience ith a Toucan LOL

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