Sunday, July 12, 2009

Intro to a Flock Family!

In today's post, I once again have the pleasure of introducing some friends of Barney, Coco, Strider, Bucky and Penske!

This post is a bit unique in several respects:

1) It is an entire Flock Family;
2) I have met these birds in person; and
3) These birds own my sister, Marianne!

Before we meet the flock, we must go back in time 8 years. Marianne came to North Carolina to be the maid of honor at my wedding on July 8, 2000. While here, her two birds, Sadie (a quaker) and JoeJoe (a cockatiel), were boarding with the vet.

Upon returning home to Indiana, unfortunately she received the horrible news that JoeJoe had passed. He was a wonderful little guy, but quite elderly as cockatiels go. We knew he was not well, but it was especially sad to lose him while she was away. He is still missed to this day, and always will be.

At that point, the flock consisted of one... Sadie the quaker.

My sister describes her as a "mean old broad that I love very much." She came across her one day in a pet store, where she immediately climbed up her shoulder and made herself right at home. After that, they were friends for life.

Although, it is admittedly a friendship "on Sadie's terms", it is still special. If one wants to avoid the wrath of Sadie, is is best to do things when and how Sadie determines and instructs!

She enjoys her head scritched (by Marianne). But one wrong move, and she's not going to be shy about expressing her displeasure. She is extremely territorial of her cage, her toys, her food, and anything that she thinks is hers or should be hers!

(Let's just say that when I visit, I give Sadie a wide berth. I'll admit it - I do not even make eye contact with the princess for fear of offending her and being banished from the kingdom! She is one tough cookie, and has no problem putting mere humans in their proper place!)

Sadie loves to bathe in a dish while making happy chirpy noises. She also makes a few not so happy, not so chirpy (also known as 'obnoxious') noises that her mom reports earn her a free ride to a room of her own. For a small bird, she's got a big voice! Sadie was hatched October 12, 1994.

A few weeks after returning from North Carolina, it was time for a trip to the pet store to get a new toy for Sadie. There was no intention of getting another bird... (do you know where this story is heading...)? JoeJoe's passing was still fairly recent. But we all know what can happen in the pet store!

There she was... a beautiful sun conure. Marianne had wanted a sun conure some day, but was only out to buy a new toy...

...of course, of course....!

This bundle of sweetness came along unexpectedly, but yet perhaps at the perfect moment - as if JoeJoe himself had arranged the meeting.

So it seemed natural that she would be named
Serendipity (Dippy for short). Hatched May 23 of that year, just like JoeJoe, she loves to be sprayed. Your hand could fall off and she would still want more!

She also loves peanuts, and makes eating noises while she's enjoying them!

She can be a little loud at times (she is a sun conure after all), but all in all is fairly quiet as suns go.

The following January (2001), Marianne began looking for a blue and gold macaw. She was unable to find one, but did come across a precious green cheeked conure that needed a home. Thus, Kiwi joined the flock! She was, and remains, a bit skiddish. Although she will sit on a finger and accept some kisses and snuggles.

While she may be a bit naturally shy, she is not lacking in personality. She loves to bathe in her dish, but her tip-top favorite past time is taking over Captain's cage at every opportunity and acting like BBOC (big bird on campus).

Wait - who is Captain? I'm glad you asked! The blue and gold baby finally hatched May 15, 2001. From the beginning, Captain was alert, active and interactive, just asking to be picked up. It was a natural fit!

I think perhaps many of us in the family, if not all of us, expected Captain to be a boy. However, a DNA test proved us wrong! But Captain remained her name, and she remained the apple of her mom's eye.

Speaking of apples - she does have a bit of a sweet-beak! She is adventurous with food, willing to try virtually anything, but loves her fruit and any other 'sweet' she might be able to get her beak on. (Yes, that is a serious pez collection you see in the photo! There are hundreds of them!)

She also loves to be sprayed, and to make pretty messes. What are pretty messes? It is what is left over when she is done ripping up the local phone book. Any numbers needed from the phone book are best written down before she gets a hold of it! Just pretty little shreds... everywhere!

As much as Captain can make pretty messes, she does have a bit of a clean streak in her. She is always anxious to help supervise on laundry day!

"...Hey, let's make sure those corners match!"

I hope you enjoyed meeting the entire flock: Sadie, Dippy, Kiwi and Captain! They are regular readers of the Living With Parrots Cage Free blog - because she is my sister - and I make her read my blog everyday!

...just kidding....

- - - or, am I?...


She may be my only sister, but she is the best sister anyone could have! And she is my best friend too. That makes sharing her (and her flock) with all my friends extra special.

Thank you for reading about Sadie, Dippy, Kiwi and Captain!



Marianne said...

Aww. thank you for such a nice post.

While Captain is busy tearing up the phone book, I forgot to mention that she also rolls the strips into little rolls that resemble spit balls (or worse, little piles of poop :0) I'm not sure how she does that little manuever with just her tongue, but a tongue that can peel off a thin peanut skin can certainly make little paper rolls, I guess. ;)

Jim Stewart said...

Nice post. I enjoy reading your blog

Rachel said...

Yay Marianne! I was hoping to see your flock on here :) Tell Captain that Nolan says hello!!!

Marianne said...

Captain says hello to Nolan, too! :D

wolfgirl1987 said...

HEHE! It was great meeting your sister's flock! lol!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post :) "Pretty messes" indeed!

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