Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Huey, Dewey and Louie?

Ok - quick quiz:

What is harder to come by:

1. A few moments of peaceful meditation (without Strider's relentless "singing"); or

2. My turn at the computer keyboard?

Well, it is a toss up.

Getting Barney away from the computer is a bit of a struggle. Add to that his slow typing speed, and I could end a molt before he finishes a post!

As for Strider, I have discovered that a well placed excessively loud vocalization on my part can be quite effective in getting him to take a breather from his voice lessons.

Thank goodness too - the guy has a set of pipes!

As annoying as Strider's incessant singing can be (and quite frankly, you have no idea the ways in which I suffer during the day), I've got much bigger problems on my wings. Well, actually they are technically small-little big problems.

Huey and Dewey (Bucky and Penske as my mom calls them) have moved in.... I was going to find out sooner or later - you know, birds have excellent hearing. We do not scream at each other because we cannot hear; we just do that to make an impression.

She should have just told me up front. Better yet, she should have asked me. I would have said that Strider needs no friends, certainly not ones that will encourage his yickity-yack tendencies, and that would have been the end of it.

I must say that I find this trend of not consulting me on family decisions a bit disturbing.

I am not generally one to complain, as I usually get my way, and thus it is unnecessary. I leave the whining up to Barney since he is so good at it.

But this is a bit over-the-top.

While I am enjoying one of my delicious walnuts the other day, to my dismay I hear the two new chirp-buckets! The plan is for them to join Strider after quarantine.

I'm voting for about a 9 year quarantine. I've been reading about the zoonotic diseases my mom has been writing about. I say, just to be on the safe side, maybe we should round quarantine up to 10 years - we can never be too careful, right?

How long do these little guys live....?

So just fabulous...

When Huey and Dewey eventually join Louie, I'm going to either need some additional walnuts or a good set of ear plugs.

As it is, Louie already twitters way too much and he does not even have a hand held device.

So, for the record:

I will expect Huey and Dewey to follow all Fort Rules, including the ones I make up as I go. The first rule that they and Louie will need to keep in mind:

This is Fort Coco, not Carnegie Hall!



Pitchii / Rei said...

What a cute post!! Loved it!!
I love your blog but rarely have the time to comment, sorry. Love to you and all your flock! (oh and hubby the amazing fort builder too, do you think you could convince him (and you!!) to come to Japan and make something for Pitchii... you've always wanted to come to Japan, admit it..;-) )

Michal said...

Coco is so beautiful and so are the rest of your birds.

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