Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hang 8 Birdie Dudes!

I often find the world much more interesting from the upside-down-birdie vantage point! This is also a position where I do some of my best excessively loud vocalizations. I am not sure why, but when I am upside down, everything is just a lot more fun!

In my mom's post, Her Needs-Her Needs, she mentioned some of typical reasons I may call her (some label this screaming). I might add, that if my people were a bit quicker, and met my needs before I had to get myself worked into a tizzy, I would never need to scream, now would I?!

If I do have a need, and my dad is the only one around, he will usually do. Once he has served his usefulness, he is dismissed from my kingdom. He doesn't seem to mind; I actually get the impression he likes Barney better than me!

There are certain needs that all birds have (food, companionship, enrichment, etc.), and others that are unique to each bird. Not all birds will demand to have their curtain closed at dusk in the same manner in which I, The One and Only Diva do! There is little that annoys me quicker than having to ask for something more than twice. Ugh!

Just in the way of a reminder, here is a short list of some things that can really "get me going" in the vocalization arena if you know what I mean:

1. All my foraging areas are devoid of food.

2. It is dusk and my curtain has not been closed.

3. There is wildlife outside on MY deck. (I know they live out there, but I don't need to see it, do I?)

4. Someone is breaking one of my "Fort Rules". I cannot give you a list of them, I can simply say that when I determine one is being broken, I expect the world to stop and the situation to be corrected. Immediately.

5. I am forced to listen to Barry Manilow or some other "easy listening" music on the radio. That just really gets my feathers in a ruffle quickly! I prefer music with a bit of a 'beat' to it.

Clearly, one of my needs is simply spending time with my mom. Not getting enough of her time can lead to me having an overwhelming desire to hang upside down and scream!

Now, as has been my observation with humans, my needs also fluctuate from day to day. Some days I like direct interaction. That is, I like to step up and get a scritch, sit on my mom's shoulder, head or knee while she reads, knits or works at the computer. I even like hanging out in the bathroom while she puts bright colors on her face (although I have no clue why she does it). Things like stepping up or getting a head scritch are treats in and of themselves, but sometimes I will get a little something extra such as a taste of her dinner! Bonus!

Spending time with her also means watching the daily activities of her life from across the room. It really does add to our relationship as I observe her - and it can be simply fascinating! It is 'hanging out' time. I know she is always observing me - and she seems to think it helps her understand me better. Of course, she doesn't know that I am always watching her! (And, oh by the way - she looks a lot better when I'm upside down too!)

So, I often prefer watching those activities from Fort Coco, where I have all my food, perch areas, toys, and comfort. Especially at times when I'm not feeling in such a "touchy-feely" mood. While in the Fort, I can grab a pellet, sit back and watch the show, get a drink, change to a different perch if it provides a better view - it works well for me, I must say!

Don't get me wrong - I will perform a little behavior, that I know will be considered 'cute', because it will earn me a quick treat. A curly-toed wave or saying "Hey Moe!" will work nearly every time! This is also a form of interaction.

I like that she does not push me if I do not feel like interacting. Because hanging out is really cool and fun. Otherwise, I would have to... well, don't ask! It helps our relationship that she considers my desires and preferences, and it actually makes me want to spend more time with her rather than less. Plus, I know that when I am ready to return to my fort, she never objects.

So we've got a pretty good give-give relationship going in that respect.

Whether we are directly interacting, sharing activities such as a meal, or I am observing from across the room, I find all 3 are important aspects to our relationship.

What is best is that I can choose.
And, then I can choose something different later!

Hey, how about some birdie-safe super glue on these glasses so my upside down world could be rose-colored?!

The Diva



wolfgirl1987 said...

Adorable shot of her hanging upside down. Callie does this too lol!

Julea said...

Robin...seriously, have you ever considered taking your blog entries and compliling them into a book when you have enough for a book. If you haven't I think you should! You already have a great title too!

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