Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fort Redecorating!

Every girl needs a change in scenery now and then, right?

A little bit of updating to the decor?

Even Fort Coco needs some spiffing up occasionally.

Nothing that a pretty little beak cannot handle...

"I don't know why these pieces have corners on them... but they are ALL going to have to go!"

And, when Coco does the redecorating in her own Fort, there are extra bonuses!

It provides:

1. Exercise
2. Enrichment
3. Beak conditioning

4. More enrichment watching her people clean up the mess!

Even better - things are done to her exacting specifications!

"I think we're making progress here...."
"Hey, mom... chop, chop with that broom and dust pan! I've only just begun making toothpicks!"



wolfgirl1987 said...

Your place looks lovely, Coco!

Eriisu-chan said...

At least that's one commodity you'll never have to buy again... toothpicks! xD

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