Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bye-Bye ME !

It's like Christmas in July!

The new computer has finally arrived!

Well, actually it is used, but it is new to me!

You will recall in my posts On Borrowed Time and The Dinosaur Computer Lives, that I outlined the travails of the now distant memory - a Windows ME system.

No - that's not a typo.... yes, I said ME... as in Millenium, as in 'blue screen of death' every two seconds! It did well at first, but the last two or three years, it has been showing its age. I've asked a lot of it, and I guess it was just getting old and tired - like me some days!

I was grateful for the opportunity to have it as long as I did, and it served me well. And it received a fitting send off on its way to that great computer heaven in the sky.

Now I am able to do a few more things with my computer that the old ME operating system would not handle. (Like open 3 programs at the same time! Woo-hoo!)

I spent the afternoon installing the operating system on the newly formatted hard drive, reconfiguring it to the way I like things, downloading software, etc. So there has not been much 'bird' time today. But I have provided some entertainment as I dismantled the old system and connected up the new system - all by myself! And as Coco mentioned in yesterday's post, apparently I can be quite entertaining! Even moreso when I am crawling around on the floor connecting cables! But, frankly I do not quite understand why she thinks I look better when she is upside down though?!

My dad is fond of saying, "even a blind squirrel will find an acorn every now and then!"

I have felt like a blind squirrel a few times throughout the afternoon! But all is well that ends well. And I only needed to take some Excedrine one time!

My good friend, Jim, was willing to delay a walk in the park with the boys, Nino and Teo, to instead walk me through a few of the confusing parts. A computer genius - I am not! That's a friend!

I am happy to report that everything is operating exactly as I intended. I have the same feeling as a year ago when we first got the internet at the house - or a kid seeing their first circus!

And, I do not miss the blue screen of death - even a little bit! Hoorah!



Arlene said...

Congratulations Robin! Mine died not too long ago and I was sooooo happy to get a new one.
I know how you feel. They serve you well until it's their time to go. They like to give you subtle hints that their time is nearly at an end but sometimes we just hope they hang on a little longer. Enjoy.

Goldielover said...

Congrats, Robin - hope it lasts you as long as the last one did. I think mine has just blown its video card, which is an expense I didn't need right now. At least I'm up and running using on-board video for now, but I'll have to replace it soon. Its funny how all the animals find our antics fascinating when we are messing with computer equipment. I know perfectly well that when I open up the case to replace the video card that I will have an audience of very interested feral felines. Obviously Coco feels the same way.

wolfgirl1987 said...

LOL! Congrats on the new computer! Yay for no blue screen of death!

Rachel said...

Jim is awesome :) Glad you got a new/old computer!!!

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