Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bucky and Penske Update!

Years ago I had an amazon parrot that needed a trip to the vet. While at the vet, the bird became quite stressed, and I asked for a dixie cup of water to give a drink. The vet assured me that there was no way my bird would actually drink out of the cup, especially given the circumstances, a strange place, the stress of the visit, etc.

I felt otherwise, and thought my bird might appreciate the drink. I at least wanted to try. Finally a cup was brought to me, and my bird readily drank - right in front of the vet! (It is nice when they don't make us look foolish - as they can sometimes easily do!)

All of my birds have drank from cups when offered. Strider has already drank from one. And this week, B&P both did as well!




Then, Bucky proceeded to jump onto the edge of the cup, and do a belly flop into the water.

Ok - well, that was not quite what I expected when I offered the water - but an impromptu bath is always welcome!!!

Strider is such a beautiful singer, and I've come to discover that Bucky and Penske can hold their own in the singing department as well. I could just listen to birds singing all day long - but I find the male budgie voice particularly enchanting.

It has also been fun watching Bucky and Penske. They are VERY toy oriented. Being young, they are full of energy, and but for an occasional nap, they go from dawn to dusk, from one toy to the next, to preening or feeding one another, and experiencing all the joys of birdie-hood.

They are nearing the end of their molts, and still looking like boys. In a few months their gender will be identifiable without question, and I will rest a bit easier.

I've received a number of new readers over the last 2 weeks (thanks to each of you who visit every day or so to catch up on what is going on in Barney's World, and in Fort Coco). So for those who may not have seen it yet, I wanted to re-post the video of Bucky and Penske learning about the allure of millet!



Eriisu-chan said...

Their doing better in a a few week than Mav has done in the last year... lol

Anonymous said...

Hee, I used to have a male budgie that loved, loved, LOVED to bathe in a transparent Slurpee cup. Found this out as I held it at an angle to fill another bathtub on the play gym. He scrambled over and flopped in, swam in a circle like a duck, hopped out, then hopped right back in for more. My mama hen always grabs a drink from the water dish as it goes by and/or hops in to bathe before I can even hook it back on the cage!

Glad to see your new arrivals doing so well.

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