Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bucky & Penske Settling In Nicely

It has been a week now, and Bucky and Penske are really settling in nicely. Penske is still the more skiddish of the two. Since it is just their first week, I have not been "working with them", but just letting them settle in. I have offered millet. Bucky immediately accepted; it took Penske two days before he was willing to try it.
Now, they are both willing to come over to me and/or come out of the cage in order to get some millet! They are no longer concerned with my hands; we are a ways away from working on any kind of hand interaction such as stepping up. I could not be more pleased that they are so willing to come out of the cage and accept millet after one week! Here is a short video - I'm so proud of them!


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scotty said...

I don't know which is prettier your babies or your voice!good luck with them.I'm not sure about their sex but if their cere are the same then they will probably be the same sex fingers crossed

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