Sunday, June 14, 2009

Strider's First Fan Letter!

Dear Strider,

I've been following your blog for quite some time, and I must say...

I'm a big fan of yours!

I hear your 'person' is looking to get you a friend!

I must admit, I'm a little shy about writing this... but I thought, "What's the worst that could happen, right?"


My name is Maverick (dad calls me Mav, mom calls me Maive)! I'm a fancy budgie, all white with blue on my belly, just like you!

I've been trying to get my 'people' to get me a friend, too! Mom completely understands that my happiness is of utmost importance, but my dad STILL won't let her find me a friend. He says "two birds are enough".

Can you believe that?!

Mom and I both think he's ridiculous. He obviously is not thinking of my ultimate happiness.

Two birds, you ask? Well, I live with my mom and dad, and also a Meyer parrot called Tango. (He's kinda cute, I guess, but man does he ever have an attitude! Perhaps you can relate, as you too live with a parrot.)

Oh, and I also live with a rabbit name Tybalt, although I've never actually met him. I know, strange... he lives across the other side of the house from me.

Aaaaaanyway... I'm just babbling here! I guess it is the nerves... Back to my original point, yes?

I thought that since I'm fully flighted, and your mom seems to enjoy climbing trees to rescue budgies, I could maybe... I dunno, get directions to your house? You know, maybe fly on over, and just sort of 'show up'?

If I get lost and can't find your house, that's ok! Your mom'll come get me, right? I mean, that way everyone's happy! Tango gets to be the only bird in the house (and let me tell you, nothing would make him happier), and your mom gets to find you a friend! And that way we can be best of friends!

My parronts would miss me, I'm sure, but we could go visit them, too! We could spend summer up here, in Canada (where I'm from, by the way) and the rest of the year in the Fort! Or, we could arrange it like human married couples handle things, I've heard.. one holiday at one family's house, another holiday at the other family's house, and so on!

Oh, I almost forgot! I've attached a picture of myself, too. In case you were wondering what I looked like!

Naturally, no picture could adequately capture the beauty of my magnetic personality...

Write back soon, Strider!



wolfgirl1987 said...

Aw, such a pretty friend you have Strider. I say you take him up on his offer ;)

Marianne said...

That's just way too cute! Strider's first girlfriend! :D

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