Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Callie a Lineolated Parakeet!

As you recall when we met Jack the Pacific Parrotlet, it was revealed that he had a special friend! Today, we have the pleasure of getting to know the special little lady in his life (...I mean, besides Shandi...), and her name is:


Isn't she absolutely adorable?! Look at those poofy head feathers!

I have never had the pleasure of living with a lineolated parakeet. But everyone I know who has speaks of them as wonderful companions.

Callie loves to spend time with her brother, Jack with whom she is quite bonded. In addition to friendship, they share millet, which Callie enjoys eating with her feet. In fact, she eats most of her food with her feet! In addition to millet, fresh birdie bread is a big hit.

Callie, is nicknamed Pretty Girl and Lady Callie by her people, but she prefers to be known as "Queen of the Roost".

It may be hard to believe, but this little beauty loves to get her own way!

(I know - shocking!)

As cute as she is, Callie recently went through a bit of a challenging time (hormonally speaking). Her mom reports that she became exceptionally nesty, and was quite focused on her friendship with her brother, Jack. She started snubbing her beak at the family, making snarly-angry noises, and displaying a variety of other 'back off' body language to those who might contemplate coming between her and Jack.

Fortunately, things are back on track now, and the family and flock relationships weathered the hormonal influences!

Whether being nesty or not, one thing remains constant - she is a strongly independent young lady who considers herself royalty!

Callie has a few foraging toys, but finds them quite 'yesterday'.

Foraging toys are:
"for the birds"!

This little lady is into technology!

Hey, is she texting Strider?

Many linnies enjoy their baths, but Callie... not so much. Perhaps it is the indignity of having her feathers out of place. She will sit under the warm water and become drenched, quietly chirping, but does not seem to go bath-crazy as many linnies are known to do. Perhaps her mom should try a day at the spa for the queen? That's what I'm thinking might do the trick!

Finally, it must be noted that Lady Callie is a neat freak. She is constantly throwing her own feathers out of the cage onto the floor. Fortunately, she is more than willing to help her mom vacuum them up!
Look at this little girl - helping mom clean!

Send her over to my house when she's finished there!

If you are interested in learning more about lineolated parakeets, I would encourage you to visit the Linnnie Forum (click here).

I hope you enjoyed meeting Callie, one of the regular readers of the Living With Parrots Cagefree Blog!


wolfgirl1987 said...

Aw! Look at my Callie girl! Such a pretty little lady! Thanks, Robin!

And I am happy to note that as of a few days ago, Callie has suddenly fallen in love with baths. She joins me every other day... sometimes getting all into it and spreading her wings... other days just sitting nearby and chirping... but it is now a fun bonding time for the two of us!

And thanks for featuring her!

She was totally texting Strider ;)

Ineke said...

What a great article and what a beautie Callie is.

Eriisu-chan said...

I had a little male Colbalt Linnie called Kalani (Kal for short)... Beautiful boy, he was... and in the same Vision cage, too!

Reading this post was almost creepy! *lol*

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