Monday, June 29, 2009

Join Me in Welcoming ....

Please join me in welcoming....

Penske (on the left), and Bucky (on the right)!

Both (fingers crossed) are boys.

At this young age, it is difficult to know for sure, so I am certainly hoping that I have guessed right!

Penske and Bucky are around 3 to 4 months old, and entering their first molt. Bucky is what is called a 'normal' budgie. He has the coloration of the wild budgies of Australia.


Well, Penske is a bit more of a mystery. Two budgie breeders with extensive knowledge and experience are...

Well... not completely sure.

The best guesses at this point are either:

Light green greywing cinnamon; or
Olive green greywing cinnamon

The greywing mutation dilutes the base color (either light green or olive green) by 50%, thus the yellowish color. The over all color is further affected by the cinnamon mutation. Once Penske has finished his molt, it will be a bit easier to tell, but one breeder stated that "the only way to know for sure would be to test breed".

Well, let me tell you something...

There will be no test breeding around here if I have anything to say about it!

And, speaking of having things to say about this... you can bet that Coco and Barney will have a lot to say! Strider will be thrilled, so you know he will have lots to say as well!

At the present time, Coco, Barney and Strider know nothing of their existence as they are on the lower level where these 3 never trod (or fly). I imagine it won't take long before they are heard, and at least Strider will suspect that he may have some friends-in-waiting.

Penske and Bucky will spend a minimum of 30 days in quarantine. Of course, they both look healthy, are bright, active, chirpy, good eaters and love toys, but quarantine is still a must. Looks can be deceiving, so all due caution must be taken.

Penske - is the shy one, a bit jittery and sensitive.

Bucky - has helped himself out the open cage door already. He then stepped up on my finger, and has even accepted millet from me.

I am really happy that they have each other during quarantine. They were seen playing with their toys together today!

Once quarantine is over, it will be a happy day to see the joy on Strider's face at meeting his new (I hope male) friends! You can bet there will be lots of photos!

Please join me in welcoming Bucky and Penske to the flock!



Arlene said...

Welcome to Penske and Bucky. I love the names. And they're just as cute as cute can be.
Congrats on the newcomers! I'm sure everybody at TB is going to go ga-ga over these two.

Bug said...

hello Penske and Bucky.. you two are very lovely!
i was expecting one friend for Strider.. how happy he will be when he see's that he has two!!

you know are going to need to get another one to even out the numbers lol...

cant wait for quarantine to be over...


Eriisu-chan said...

Mav just breathed a sigh of relief that the new friends are... *ahem* males. I can swear I heard her say "I still have a chance!" the other day...

Also, Mav would like to remind you that when she was young[er], her parronts thoughts she was a 'he' as well, because of her "not quite sure" mutation! So keep an eye on Penske! ;)

We only found out Mav was a girl when she practically screamed out "I WANT TO NEST!!", which led to much confusion in the household... Even Tango looks at her diferently, now. *lol*

wolfgirl1987 said...

Adorable names!

Congrats on friends for Strider! They are handsome boys!

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