Friday, June 26, 2009

Introducing - Midge and May !

As you may have read in yesterday's post, The Quest for Strider's Friend, my mom is looking for a "friend" for me.

However, she's looking in all the wrong places. My luck...

I've met these two beautiful, young ladies, and would like to introduce them to you - as I think they would make the perfect friends for me!



and her sister


Aren't they just - too pretty?! By the way, this is not the same May-May that is Barney's girlfriend... she's a dog - it is important to keep these things straight! I - don't care too much for dogs. But apparently Barney is all whacko for May-May...

Anyway, between text messages with Callie, I've been in contact with Midge and May (unbeknownst to their mom, who goes by the nickname "GoldieLover".) They have never come out and said it, but I am pretty sure when they are alone, they fight over who will take my next call or text message! My beautiful belly has all the girls swooning - no doubt.

So in the course of my many conversations with these ladies, I have pretty much learned their entire histories:

Midge was hatched sometime in the summer or early fall of 2003. Her first companion was a ten year old girl. Midge was in a teeny-tiny cage, for a few years. While she did get some out of cage time, she often hung out at her now forever home with GoldieLover. Eventually the little girl and her family moved to New Zealand, and the rest is history - Midge is happy in her forever home with her sister, May.

She also lives with a few feral felines... but that is another story entirely!

As a part of the 'welcome to her forever home' party, Midge received an expanded, and upgraded living quarters - a condominium by any budgie standards! Midge is quite the acrobatic, often playing upside down bird, and always fully enjoying her birdie condo! She loves it!

When she is not perfecting her acrobatic routine, she has a happy habit of chewing ladders and clanking her grate.

Garcon... service.... garcon! I require millet, please!

Apparently, this endearing grate-clanking behavior can grate on her people's nerves a bit...

Midge is a big fan of mirror toys, but to her intense annoyance, most of them were removed by her mom after the arrival of her sister May. Isn't that the way it always is? The new sister or brother shows up, and either you have to share your toys, or you lose them altogether. Well, that's not happening to me...

Or is it?

I will have to check, because I never want to lose my mirror toys!

So, once May entered the picture, things changed. But May and Midge love each other. Midge loathes swings and does not enjoy out of cage time. Possibly she thinks a feral feline or two is somewhere near (although they are kept locked up when birdie out of cage time occurs). Or maybe its because she’s not a great flier.

Ok - she has hit a few windows and slithered down a few walls... but practice makes perfect, right?

"Um, mom - I was just back here behind the bookcase doing some reading... yes, that is what it was - I was reading and also checking for dust bunnies!"

Perhaps she should could come to my house to practice?

Midge loves to watch the world go by, and has an ideal location, as she has a “birds eye view” of the living room, dining room, and the best view in the place out the living room windows. She also loves to tease the feral felines and, if things get too quiet, she knows she can always have a massive squawk or flutter attack. This brings the feral felines rolling in every time! Ah - the joys of studying stimulus/response behavior in feral kitties! Much more entertaining than store bought toys!

From what I understand, Midge is a seed junkie who has so far completely resisted all attempts to convert to pellets. However, without knowing it, she has eaten a few pellets because her mom crushes them up in her seed mix.

Now - that's a secret - nobody tells her! I found out from May - who (between me and you) is a blabber mouth. And, I can say that, cos my mom says that "I would know a blabber mouth when I heard one!"

I also found out that Midge likes carrots occasionally. I myself do not like carrots, which makes me wonder just how well we might get along... hmmm....

Midge loves being talked to, and while she may not be tame by the definition of others, she tolerates hands in her cage, and will even perch on a finger.

Midge's sister, May, is still quite a youngster, having hatched late in 2008 and only recently losing her baby bars. She is a yellow face type 2, like myself, and shaping up to be a gorgeous young lady.

May loves the swing that Midge hates, and is often to be found napping on it. What is funny is when Midge decides she is going to give May a ride, and sets it swinging by pulling on the tassels.

May loves preening toys, and things that make noise, but tends to ignore the mirrors loved by Midge.

Well, I have some millet to eat, so I am going to stop typing and let the pictures of these two beautiful ladies speak for themselves!

(Hey girls, don't forget - I'll be expecting a text message later from one or both of you!)

I hope you enjoyed meeting Midge and May, two regular readers of Strider's Blog Entries!

(Oh, sorry - my mom just corrected me... I was supposed to say they are regular readers of the Living With Parrots Cage Free Blog. But I really think that Midge and May only read my posts!)



An example of Midge and May's Stash:


Goldielover said...

Isn't it amazing what the cheeky little devils get up to when my back is turned!!!

Peter said...
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wolfgirl1987 said...

I did it again... posted with Peter's account. lol!

Anyways, such lovely ladies. You are a real ladies man, Strider ;)

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