Friday, June 19, 2009

Introducing Maggie May the Mi-Ki!

Meet Maggie May!

She is an exceptionally sweet four year old pure bred Mi-ki and a friend to Barney, Coco and Strider!

Maggie May (or 'May-May' as Barney calls her) shares a home with her mom Scotty, dad Mark, several birds and her brother Lil Bit.

May-May not only loves toys, but her breed is in the toy/companion group. She also loves cats, keeping herself clean and laying in the sun. A total lap dog, she would happily be held or carried around all day long if her mom didn't need to take an occasional trip to the mall, the beach, or ordering out dinner!

The rare Mi-Ki (pronounced Me-Key) is a fairly new breed, having appeared in the United States around the 1980's, and sharing common ancestry with the Papillon, Maltese and Japanese Chin dogs. Maggie May weighs in at a whopping 5 pounds! Oink oink! The breed typically live into their teens.

Barney was attracted to May-May when he realized he had met a lady with shorter legs than his! Besides her gorgeous face, she has a winning personality that endears her to the entire family and everyone she meets. While she loves playing with Lil Bit, maybe not so much into the 'sharing the bed' thing?!

Hey, where's Lil Bit's fancy bed and hair bow?

When friends come to visit, you can bet Maggie May is going to be in her special chair, ready to enjoy quality conversation. And don't forget the doggie treats and some well-deserved attention!

I am sure it is easy to see why Barney fell in love with her, she has it all:

Beauty, personality, and is a total cuddle muffin!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Maggie May, one of the regular readers of the Living With Parrots Cage Free blog!

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scotty said...

That was not only beautiful,
it was done with interest.
you must have been something else in school.

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