Friday, June 12, 2009

Jack a Pacific Parrotlet!

As many of you know, Barney, Coco and Strider have begun a Friend's List (found at the bottom of this page... and, there is always room for more)!

But then, I had an idea...

Since you all know so much about Barney, Coco, Strider, and Sammy (rip), I thought it would only be fitting for them, (and everyone else), to have an opportunity to get to know a little bit about each of their friends too!

So I came up with the idea of dedicating a post, each week or so, to highlighting one of
their friends... and that means your companions!

So, without further ado, today's blog post is dedicated to:

The Pacific Parrotlet !

(Nicknames: Mr. Ripper, and Silly Boy)

Jack is a pacific parrotlet, hatched around June, 2008. Fully flighted, Jack really loves his freedom. When his companion Shandi (aka Wolfgirl) is around, you can bet he's out having a blast! She reports that Jack is an excellent flier, and has learned to stay in birdie approved areas and use birdie-approved landing strips! What a good boy!

However, he does love to sneak over to watch his new gerbil friends Loki and Thor...

"Hey, is that food in there??"!

Apparently, those are two fascinating gerbils! There you have it - enrichment!

Mr. Jack, rambunctious and full of energy, loves to rip, tear and shred anything he can get his little beak on.. thus the nickname Jack... 'The Ripper'! When Jack first came to live with his companions, he was nameless... (awww)... and received his name a day or so later when his dad, Peter, joked that he should be named 'Jack the Ripper' after watching an episode of Criminal Minds. The next day, while Jack was busy ripping the newspaper into strips, it seemed the perfect name, and it stuck!

While Jack is Mr. Energy, he is a bit unsure of new things. New sounds... crinkly noises, new toys... new perches... new kleenex... (we wonder... are old kleenex ok?). So his companion takes great care to slowly introduce him to new objects. (You can read more about that in the blog post on Toy Enrichment.)

What is in Jack's future? Flight suit training! He is doing well, but there's no sense in rushing things. Jack is learning to play near it, eat out of it, and accept it as part of the landscape.

Since Jack is a 'ripper' and loves his treats, his favorite toys are shredders and food foraging toys. He has a knack for getting his head into any and every nook and cranny that might have a seed! He has a healthy appetite for his veggie mash each morning, but certainly won't turn down a seed if offered! He's a big fan of millet and nutriberries, but also loves his Zupreem natural pellets. Oh, and his seeds... loves them seeds! (But, I think I mentioned that...)

His companion reports that he can be a bit 'demanding' if he expects to be out and about and finds himself inside instead... Demanding? I say his Shandi needs to hop to it! Chop-chop! Let's not keep Mr. Jack waiting when he wants to be out and about!

At a year old, Jack has already learned to give kisses and say a few words!

birdie birdie birdie
pretty bird, and

Being 'on the computer' might be considered one of Jack's top 5 favorite things. There he can hang out on the laptop screen, listen to some of his favorite music (Kelly Clarkson, Lada Gaga, heavy rock or metal music), and type out an email or two to Barney, Coco or Strider. His only problem is getting his companion away from the computer!

"Hey, hands off my keyboard!"

For Jack, it is a real treat to sunbathe near the window where he has learned to mimic sounds, including outdoor birds, a whining baby (where did he learn that from??), and Callie's linnie noises.


Callie who?

Well, you will have to wait just a bit...

She's a special little lady, a real beauty, and a great friend to Jack. So we'll give her her own post on another day!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Jack, one of the regular readers of the Living With Parrots Cage Free blog!

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wolfgirl1987 said...

AWWW! That is so cute!
Peter and I both enjoyed reading this, and he is going to link to it on his own blog.

Thanks for sharing all about Mr. Ripper, Robin and gang.

Jack giggled with glee when I read this to him.

Looking forward to reading more companion bios from other readers.

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