Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gimme a Snau'sage !

In my last post, Bottom's Up, I gave you an update on how we were doing after the devastating loss of Mr. Sammers at age 28. There is never a good time, nor an easy time, to lose a loved one.

It has now been nearly 3 weeks, and many of you continue to inquire how we all are doing and provide my mom with much needed words of support and encouragement. What great friends she has!

We think she is doing very well, although we do try not to talk about it too much as it seems to make her sad all over again. But from where I sit, it looks like the healing process is moving along exactly as it should. So, I just wanted to let you know, she is doing very well. She has also been talking about getting Strider a friend.

I am opposed to this.
Quite opposed to this.

Thank you for asking.

I think there are already two too many birds in this house....

And about the changes in my life?

Thank you for asking...

As you know, and as I have mentioned in the past... it does seem that It's All About the Birds around here!

So I always appreciate an inquiry or two about my well being, how many rawhides and toys I presently have, my happiness, how full my treat jar is... you know, that sort of thing!

After my morning walk today, three ticks were removed from me, so my nickname of 'Tick Magnet' remains intact.

For the record: I am still not allowed to hang out in the bird room. Even though it is now 2 against 1 instead of 3 against 1!

I sit on the deck and look through the sliding glass doors... and see those pellet crumbs on the floor... and think, "What a waste!" Is anyone around here concerned about the starvin' dogs in China??

Saturday is clean the bird room day. It is an amazingly quick process, perhaps speedier than one might expect. While spot cleaning takes place during the week, on Saturday the room gets a thorough wash down. This is my cue to disappear into my crate, looking busy studying the inside of my eyelids. One cannot appear to be interested in the cleaning process or the next thing you know...

That's right: you find yourself in the tub with bubbles all over your fur! Yuck! Being outside is even safer.
Take it from me, it pays to keep a low profile when water, cleaning products or the sweeper make an appearance...

So, what's on tonight's dinner plate (for the birds, that is)?

Mom got some fresh yellow squash and green beans at the local Farmer's Market. The birds get the squash cut up, while the green beans get blanched, frozen and then a few taken out and thawed for a short period of time before served. Then add cooked and cooled spinach pasta, black eyed peas, kidney beans, navy beans and a few other miscellaneous beans and veggies, and you've got a meal fit for a...

(Give me some Snau'sages any day of the week...)



mom938 said...

Barney.. Maymay as you call her,still loves you,
and is throwing you a kiss with a big snausage in it

wolfgirl1987 said...

Aw, poor Barney. *tosses the cute little puppy a Snausage*

There, all better, eh? :D

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