Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Dinosaur Computer Lives!

A $5.00 fan, and the dinosaur computer lives!

Since I am on probation, and not permitted to use the oven ('darn'), and I really wanted some chicken...

Dear husband made chicken breasts wrapped in bacon for dinner tonight.

(I am thinking it could possibly take a month (or even longer) before I am able to learn my lesson about the stove and be trusted in the kitchen again!)

I have been asked to play piano for a funeral on Thursday morning, so while he was feeding and walking Barney, making dinner and installing the computer's fan, I was able to spend several hours practicing.

What a guy, huh?! Seriously - he is a true gem.

Once practice was finished, the dinosaur was ready for my blog entry!

We are a couple of days shy of one month since Sammy's passing. Coco continues to call his name daily. "I'll go see Sammers" has always been one of her favorite phrases. The first few days it was difficult for me to hear her say it, but we are doing much better now. I am beginning to enter the stage of remembering the good times with Sammy, and focusing on the long, happy life that we enjoyed together.

The bird room continues to be filled with noise, singing and happiness.

In the same way that Coco's main house has a screen door, although never used, enabling it to be transformed into a carrier if needed, dear husband has now made a 'topper' for Fort Str'ammy.
The topper is removable and collapsible. Quite a nice feature providing additional flexibility!

(I decided that Strider's Fort will retain the name 'Fort Str'ammy' in honor of Sammy.)

I am pleased that Strider's area is as easy to keep clean as I had hoped. Of course, compared to Coco, his droppings are microscopic (!), and the same quick clean up that is used in Fort Coco works as quickly and efficiently in Fort Str'ammy.

I am still considering a male friend for Strider with whom he can share his extensive and expansive fort. I hope that soon I will find the perfect companion for him, one that will enjoy fort living as much as Coco and Strider.

Well, in closing, there is a bit of bad news to report:

The lint trap on the dryer did not catch on fire today....

But, I do promise to keep you updated!



Goldielover said...

Glad your husband was able to do the work himself. That's about the only way to keep an old computer going, as labour costs usually end up being more than the computer is worth. And maybe now it will last long enough for you to get a Windows 7 machine when you finally get a new one rather than having to settle for Vista.

Does the topper on Fort Str'ammy stay on all the time? Strider may have something to say about getting a male friend rather than a female!!

Too bad about the dryer - hmmm, I think a rubber backed bath mat should suffice.....

wolfgirl1987 said...

Are you going to be getting a budgie friend for Strider or another species?

Robin said...

I really want Strider to have a budgie friend. :) I think it will make him very happy. :)

Marianne said...

would you PLEASE send Steve to Indiana?????

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