Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cardinal Voter Fraud !

Me again!

I knew that you would be anxious to receive an update on my entry into the singing contest sponsored by the local branch of the North Carolina Outdoor Bird Society!

Well, I have some good news and some bad news... (Isn't it always like that?)

Being invited to participate in the contest was a high honor. I met the cutest American Goldfinch during the final warm up session! Let me tell you - she could have convinced me to give up my favorite mirror toy! Oh, she was cute!

Apparently, she goes for guys that are all yellow (not just yellow on the wings and head). Bummer....

I ended up winning second place. At first I thought the female goldfinch was a plant. (Well, actually I knew she was not a real plant, it is just a human expression I've picked up on - meaning I was set up. I learned that phrase the other day when I was reading one of Robin's Nancy Drew novels while she was at work.)

But back to the female goldfinch: her beauty was bedazzling, so naturally I thought the intent was to distract me...

But then, the truth came to light.

This may come as a surprise to you, but: here it is...

There was voter fraud!

I know - it shocked me too!

The local cadre of cardinals got together, voted as a block, and I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

Yes, that's right - Carmella Cardinal just happened to be crowned crooner of the year. A coincidence?

I will admit that I had made a last minute secret alliance with the blue jays. This turned out to be a tactical error on my part. Right before the vote, a cat showed up, and the blue jays scattered faster than Barney from the bathtub. Who could have predicted that?

Don't get me wrong - second place is an achievement. I've learned my lesson; next year I will go straight to the hummingbirds to form an alliance. They are one of the few birds smaller than me. This provides an excellent opportunity to use intimidation (um I mean my natural charm) to encourage a vote or two out of them.

Being exposed to the wiley ways of the female goldfinch got me thinking...

With my
new fort I've got plenty of room for a girl (or three)...

Now, that's what I'm talking about!

"No can do," she said.

What? Oh, man!

(She answered a bit too quickly.)
What ever happened to 'taking things under advisement'?

I believe she should reconsider with an emphasis on my ultimate happiness. As enthralled as I am with my reflection in the mirror, can you imagine my reaction to a real life budgie-girl! Oh-lah-lah!

(Actually, I've had my eye on a few gals of late: Gracie-Mae, Midge and Rosie come to mind.... ooh they are pretty! )

Well, I just wanted to check in, say hello to everyone, and give you the results of my musical debut! Now, all of you with budgies at home (especially the ladies) give them a big hug from me! Every day with us birds is a precious one.

And you know the best way to say 'I love you'?




Goldielover said...

Midge was thrilled to hear Strider found her hot, especially as she is an older woman at six years. Hmmm - wonder what this means for the older gentleman in her life (Dusty). Of course, when May heard that, she promptly squawked "but what about me!!! Strider's even the same mutation as I am!!"

Robin said...

Strider has now requested a photo of Ms. May.... she has certainly got his attention! :D

Goldielover said...

Here she is!!



Apologies for the quality of the second - it was a bit too close for the lens of my camera, but it does show both of them.

Robin said...

Mr. Strider is embarrassed to say that he finds BOTH ladies absolutely stunning! :D He does not want to choose, and says there is plenty of room for all of his lady friends in the new fort! :)

Arlene said...

Uh oh. Wait till Nicky finds out. He dotes on little Rosie and won't give her up without a fight.

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