Saturday, May 2, 2009

Strider Follows the Millet!

I am presently working on a post "The Changeability of Reinforcers". It is not quite ready for publication. So in the meantime, I offer this (cute!), short video of Strider last night - following the millet! This is an important step for him, as it is my hand that contains the millet.

Strider has been making fast progress in the past week. He is setting the pace, and it is speedy-speedy! He now jumps onto my finger for the asking (without the presentation or receipt of millet), and remains there as I walk around the room.

What is really monumental for our relationship is this:

Last night before I started video taping, Strider circled the room 4 times, then came up behind me and landed on my shoulder! This is huge! He made a decision to land on my shoulder. I had my back to him; this was not a behavior I trained, requested or expected. And later, while on my finger, I placed my hand to my shoulder and he jumped down. This is the first time ever Strider has been on my shoulder. It is indicative of the ongoing building of trust in our relationship. Naturally, it was an exciting moment for me and further reinforces my desire to proceed at Strider's pace.

Here is Strider 'following the millet'... watch his body language as he continues to lean toward me and the millet when the millet is behind my back and out of his view.

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