Monday, May 4, 2009

Demo: Obvious Body Language

In the last week or so there have been some pretty 'heavy' posts (that I hope were both fun and informative). So for a moment, relax and just gaze upon that beautiful seafoam belly of Mr. Strider while he demonstrates some 'obvious' body language! He is such a good boy for the camera! My patience and willingness to go at his speed continue to pay off big-time.

At times, birdie body language can be subtle and more easily understood by a close companion. At other times, body language is so obvious it can be spotted at 100 yards!

A few days ago when Strider (for the very first time) flew up behind me and landed on my shoulder, he also posed for a wonderful body language video! What a good boy to be so cooperative!

It is a short video, but he makes himself quite obvious.

Strider flew from his cage to Coco's main pole. He began chewing on the sisal rope (something all 3 birds enjoy). As I approached him, he moved away from the main pole. From his new vantage point, he was in better position to return to his cage, or to fly elsewhere in the room. As soon as I moved away from him (to signal that I understood what his body language meant), he immediately returned to his previous location next to the main pole and chewing the sisal rope! Quick, efficient, obvious and from Strider's standpoint (I hope) understood. With his ability to successfully communicate with me through body language, he is empowered (reinforced) to do so again and again.


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