Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mountains of NC

I'm taking a break from writing today to provide you a video tour of the mountains! I was able to finish this just in time for a storm to roll through that brought with it several hours of rain.

While neither pictures nor video can do the mountains justice, I hope you enjoy this small snippet of relaxation and beauty.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Robin,

You definitely have a "HEAVENLY HOME" right there on Chestnut Mountain. I would give ANYTHING to have a beautiful breath-taking "HAVEN" like that! You weren't kidding when you said the view was incredible. Wow, wow, wow!!!! I LOVE being out in nature. It is so perfectly quiet and peaceful. If I lived there you would never get me to leave and even mix with society, ha! I would spend all of my time outside, taking in the view and sounds of nature. My photography options would be ENDLESS. You even have 2 camping sites. That is so cool. I miss camping and you have a dream-come-true for campers. I'm not one to be envious but oh how I'm envious now. Thank you so much for the Therapy Session. I have your blog bookmarked now. I may need a daily dose of your video to get me through some of my tough days. Thak you so much for sharing this. Now I'd love to see a video of your house. It looks so cute!

Donna Dewey, Indianola, Iowa
Also, A Talk Budgies Super Moderator had-been :)

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