Friday, May 15, 2009

May I Come Visit?

The conversation started with a phone call from home:
"Um, honey - - is Strider supposed to be out?"

Hmmm.... let's see:

I'm going to say:
No - Strider is not supposed to be out...
Final answer!

Yes we are transitioning Strider to cage free so that he will have the same lifestyle as the rest of the flock - - but I thought we were still at the supervisory stage! Apparently not!

As can happen with training at times, I may be moving a bit slower than the flock cares to move! I also think Strider might be watching late night Houdini movies to boot!

The conversation continues:

"Where is Strider?"
"On the perch next to Coco."
"Next to Coco?"
"Yes, next to Coco."
"How close?"
"VERY close."
"By that you mean?"
... like, they are almost touching - close!"

Gosh - I didn't see that one coming (slapping my leg in laughter!)

Naturally, this is an excellent sign. When I am home Strider joins Sammy and Coco in their freedom lifestyle. The previous night, Sammy chose to spend the entire night with Strider. Strider was very relaxed, seemed to enjoy the company, and of course either of them could have chosen to sleep anywhere, including on Fort Coco, but Sammy and Strider spent the night together. So cute - it was like their first official sleep over!

I have to admit, it is heartwarming. Seeing the flock go through positive changes, watching them desire interaction with one another, while at the same time establishing their own flock dynamics.... there is nothing like it! Looking back on all of the experiences of the last 8 months, and Strider's initial bully approach... it puts a smile on my face than cannot be erased!

I am no longer able to speak of Strider as transitioning... the flock has spoken and Strider has been fully accepted. Let the celebrations begin! Strider has now joined Sammy and Coco in the permanent ranks in the freedom of living cage free! Knowing that they can interact, yet still have private areas if they choose, that they can fly figure 8's around one another for entertainment, sleep and eat side by side... it is the best positive reinforcement I could ever receive!

The sky is the limit from here!


Marianne said...

Oh, that is so neat!

Jim said...

Another great post, Robin. The part about it being heartwarming to see them get along, interact and watching the flock dynamics really hit home for me. If things were black and white, which they aren't, I'd get more R+ knowing they get along and enjoy interacting with each other than if they had to be separated and out one at a time to be with me.


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