Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've Got Something to Say

Do I look like a happy camper?

It has been a rough few days for me.

So, I have a LOT to tell you all!
Do you have any idea how many days I've been ignored with the bird's fort expansion going on?

I was never very good at math - so let's just say 'many' days! And for my time and trouble? I was given this leftover knuckle as an attempt to placate me.

How much can a cute guy like me take? This belly doesn't rub itself, ya know... At this point, I've been neglected for so long, with the birds getting all the attention, I'd even opt for a bath and a little massage!

My first issue is that I don't care for anything that makes noise (flapping wings, screaming psychotic birds, lawn mowers, weed eaters and power tools to name a few). This past week has been filled with hammering, sawing, drilling.... can you say doggie zoloft? Geesh - it has made me a nervous wreck! (Not anything that an extra biscuit or two wouldn't fix; and I've not seen any of those.)

Finally, it's over. The fort expansion has been completed. Woo-hoo... I'm so happy for the birds. I hope this means they will stop coming into the kitchen during my one meal each day.

As happy as I am that all the noise is finished and we can get back to a more normal routine, unfortunately, I'm still a bit bummed.
Why, you ask? Thank you for asking - it is nice that someone cares - did I mention that the birds get all the attention around here? I probably did... a few times...

For my time and trouble of getting ignored all week, we were supposed to go someplace fun for Memorial Day. I was looking forward to it. We usually go to this place called the arboreteum. Well, my parents call it the arboretuem... I call it Whizney World. (I do not need to explain why I call it that, now do I?)

Then conveniently it rained all day. How is it that they (the humans) can control everything else around here, food, water, light, darkness, my bed time, but when it comes to weather, they feign powerless and reference someone called a 'weather man'? I hardly buy it. I was not born yesterday (I am almost 4 years old now).

Let this weather man show his face... I've got some questions. Why does bad weather always come on a holiday? I want answers! (However, if he has any rawhide in his pocket, I'll at least give him a fair chance at explaining his position before I make him scream 'uncle'.)
(Ummm - yes. I've heard it a time or two that my head is much bigger than my body...)

A friend of my mom's, who comes to this site everyday (and my mom wants her to know how much she appreciates her support) has a daughter who thinks I am photo-shopped! Get outa here - can you believe that?! As cute as I am?! No computer program could make something as adorable as me!

As a matter of fact, clearly I am totally cuter than all 3 of those birds put together - am I not?!

So my big head explains my extreme intelligence (not counting my math issues). I am a computer-whiz extraordinaire, and as long as my nails are not cut too short, I can type fairly fast!

Well, maybe next weekend I'll get that trip to Whizney World and a new bone. It would be nice!
Until then... I'll probably stay a bit bummed...

Oh - wait!

I'm happy again!

It is time for my teeth to be brushed! She uses chicken-flavored toothpaste AND promised to add some real bacon bits to it for all my patience this week! Yeah!


Goldielover said...

Robin, I showed this one to my daughter, and we both had a chuckle over your comments about the photoshopping. She's now saying she wants a dog like Barney!!

Robin said...

Barney is thrilled to have won her over with his charm and intelligence! LOL!

Marianne said...

As much as Barney has to go through, he deserves several trips to Whizney world ;)

wolfgirl1987 said...

I love blogs from Barney! :)

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