Friday, May 29, 2009

Bottom's Up!

I knew something was amiss when she let me lick her face... She never lets me do that (says it gives her 'pimples'). Her face was wet, but not any more. I made it all better; nice and dry.

It is what I do... make things better. It comes naturally. I make her laugh. I make everyone laugh. Sometimes they just look at me and laugh. That's not funny - it is polite to wait until I've done a trick or two!

Look, I've been used by the local vet as an experimental pincushion a time or two, so I understand pain. My mom was in a lot of pain; in cockatiel years, 28 is pretty darn old! I know only time will help her remember the good times once again. The two times Sammy made her climb trees to get him back after he did his 'Houdini Trick'... the times of laughter will once again return. In time.

Until then, I gave her the best advice I could:

Lay on the couch with your bottom held high in the air. Keep it there as long as needed. Usually in a day or two, you will be feeling much better. Plus, you will be smarter because all the blood rushes to your head!

I know, I know....

My brilliance is bafflingly amazing. It comes from years of keeping my bottom held high. The effects build up over time.

Since there haven't been too many happy faces around here the past day or two, I've had to work over-time to make people laugh. One of my favorites is when I jump off the bed, onto the floor, in one leap and all four of my feet touch the ground at the same time. (Don't try it - unless you're low to the ground like me and all four legs are the same length. Otherwise, you could smack your face on the floor and get carpet burn).

I saved my best trick for last, and I do believe that is when things started turning around:

In the middle of the night, around 3:00 am, I suddenly jumped into the bed and landed all 50 pounds of my weight right between the two of them! (They never saw me coming, either!) I brought my rawhide, and I figured it would be a great time to play some tug of war! After all, they were just laying there....

That is what they do to me when I am just laying around - they try to get me to play! So I thought - 'brilliant' - I'll do the same! (This is the benefit of years of keeping your bottom held high; genius thoughts just come out of nowhere.)

I still think it was a masterful plan, but it did not have quite the result I intended....

I'm a little tired, but I did my part to make them laugh the past two days, and am quite pleased with myself. Things are starting to get back to normal, and we will finally be taking the promised walk on the parkway tomorrow morning!

So, we are going to start working on happy times, good thoughts, and happy memories. I plan to make a few of my own tomorrow morning when we take our walk. I'll see if she will take the camera along (typing is easy for me compared to using a camera).

The outpouring of love at Sammy's passing - toward her, and toward the entire flock (feather and furred) has brought great blessing and comfort to us all. She says I'm her little angel, but the past few days, she has been surrounded by angels. Uplifted in prayer. Encouraged by friends.

Each and every message has been special, and will be forever cherished.

Meet my mom back here sometime tomorrow afternoon for photos of our outing! Until then, bottom's up for happiness, everyone!



Marianne said...

Way to go, Barney! Keep up the good work. You are the most amazingly brilliant dog in the whole wide world. (((((((())))))))

Goldielover said...

Glad you're back, Robin.

Shirley Morgan said...

Barney expressed everything so beautifully - and brought tears to my eyes - lots of tears. Thank you Barney - and Robin, you, your husband, and Sammy continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

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