Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Window Seat!

Here I am, again - me, Strider... with my beautiful seafoam belly! Stunning, isn't it? I know it is! And it only becomes more beautiful with every molt!

Yes, yes - I see my companion gave you a run-down of what happened the other day in the bird room. For the most part, she got it right. I LOVE my new window seat! And also the outdoor birds! The indoor birds aren't too bad either. They are a little 'low energy' for my taste, but all in all, not too bad.

The outdoor birds are really much more fascinating. There are more of them, different types and colors, and I find them quite interesting!

When I was out on my own, before I came to this home by virtue of being snatched out of a tree, I did learn that there are certain outdoor birds that can intend a little guy like me harm! I found that shocking, you too? I thought so!

Back then, I was befriended by a Carolina Chickadee, about my same size, that informed me of the dangers of hawks. They just seem to not play well with others (especially those in my size range)! It can be kind of fun (in a scary way) to get a group and torment them a little. Very little. One must be careful and prepared to make a quick exit! Hawks have no sense of humor, and they seem to tire of games quickly. If you get into a pickle with one of them though, you can land near a rodent. It will totally distract their attention away from you, and works out every time (that is, for everyone but the rodent).

But, back to the bird room... goodness knows I love windows! I am really enjoying my new location smack-dab in the middle of all the excitement! There is so much activity outside, flying back and forth, the sun shine, and much conversation. I do not understand all of it, but I still like listening!

For the time being, Sammy has moved to where I used to be, and I have taken his space more directly in front of the window. Suits me just fine! Sammy seems happy with a bit more privacy as well, but that could change. If you ask me, Sammy can be a bit grumpy. My companion says this is because he is 28, but the green parrot told me privately that he has always had a bit of a chip on his wing. I think at some point he must have been teased about his weight and perhaps took it bad. I, myself have
never said anything about his weight (to his beak). Yes, I noticed it... hard not to... but I certainly never mentioned it! He claims to be 'big boned'. Being the svelte, handsome man-budgie that I am, it just wouldn't be polite to rub it in his beak!

Oh, I almost forgot the biggest news of the day! The local branch of the North Carolina Outdoor Bird Society has invited ME, yes me (!), to be a guest singer at their next meeting! (Normally, you must be a member in order to participate.) How exciting is that! Singers from the entire area will compete, and the winner gets the right of first refusal at the outdoor bird feeder for a full month!

Even though I wouldn't get to use the prize if I won, it is still an honor and a distinction! I shall positively blow them all away with my twirling, tweeting and twittering. I am sure to make lots of new friends and fans - - - maybe even meet a lady or two!

Wish me luck!!!


wolfgirl1987 said...

Good luck, Strider!

Robin said...

Strider asked me to thank you for your support, Wolfgirl... he is presently off practicing for his debut! :D

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