Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's Mine is Yours.....

Friday was such a beautiful day! Nearly 80 degrees - just gorgeous! Puffy white clouds filled the blue sky. After a brief rain shower at 6:00 pm, a brilliant rainbow appeared and lasted until nearly sunset.

In the evening, Strider was out with the gang, and I noted a marked difference in his interaction with Coco and Sammy. Strider and I have progressed by leaps and bounds in our relationship this week. I am contemplating the possibility that the benefits gained in our relationship have complimented his interactions with the others!

We continue to move at his pace, and it has been rocket speed! He consistently jumps onto my finger with an 'up' cue, sitting on my hand for an extended period of time and accepting treats. After I ask him to step down and then withdraw my hand, he waits with his leading (right) foot up, for me to ask again!

He seemed much more relaxed and settled with Coco and Sammy, whereas past flock interactions have been a bit inept or forced at times. He fit in so well, that when he helped himself to the interior of Sammy's cage, it was readily accepted. The two of them shared cage space, went in and out multiple times, and Strider even ate from Sammy's food bowl with no fussing from the owner. Time was spent taking turns receiving treats while sitting on Sammy's fort, to reward and increase the positive interactions between Sammy and Strider.

My reward was watching them together, communicating in flight, and observing their ever-changing and fascinating body language. The relaxation in the air was marked by a fluidity of interactions between the three.

I left the room twice, each time for a few minutes. Upon returning the first time, everyone was in the same position: Sammy outside on his Fort and Strider inside Sammy's cage, and Coco eating dinner.

It was starting to get dark, and bed time was approaching. I left for a few more minutes. This time upon returning, Strider was still in Sammy's cage, but Sammy had flown across the room and was sitting on top of Strider's cage! Turn about is fair play it would seem! They both seemed quite content with the switch!

It was decision time, though... I closed the curtain to signal the end of the day's activities. Sure enough - everyone returned to their base - while it may be fun and exciting to visit new places, come bed time, there's no place like home!



wolfgirl1987 said...

So glad to hear everyone is getting along :) Yay!

Jim said...

Sounds like your patience with Strider has paid off. That must be a great feeling. It always amazes me when patience turns the corner. It's like a 180 degree turn. They are into learning new stuff and interacting, as you put it, at rocket speed. Birds being social creatures it seems logical, as in Strider's case, once they interact with the human like the others, flock dynamics and getting along fall into place.

Nice post. Keep them coming.

Robin said...

Thanks, Wolfgirl - it is very important to me that they get along, so I am thrilled! And, thanks, Jim - you know it does take time and patience, but it is the best feeling in the world. Flock dynamics is where it is at! :)

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