Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sharing is So... Delicious!

A funny thing happened on the way to the phone... last night a friend called, and I went into the bird room to answer the phone. I noticed that Coco was on Strider's cage, but it didn't occur to me to wonder why...

I picked her up, and she sat with me while I was on the phone. But a few minutes later, I heard a strange scratching noise... It was Sammy inside her house! I think she figured if he was going to be in her space, that she would just go visit Strider!

Sammy and Coco had been eating rice and beans, peas, corn and red pepper along with some broccoli slaw (broccoli, red cabbage and carrot). Upon further investigation, I discovered Sammy had eaten his entire bowl, so he was in Coco's house polishing off hers! OINK-OINK! (Coco does forage for all her food, but when it comes to veggies, rice and the like, she gets them in a bowl - a bit less messy for all of us!)

I gave them both some seed to share (a real treat), and snapped these photos (narrated by The Mr. Sammers himself):

Hey - what is
that over there?

Much better than rice & beans!

The doctor says I need to gain some weight.... this would be a good place to start! What pretty colors!

Look, I can see my reflection!

I am getting closer to my perfect weight with every bite!

Am I the only one hearing the 'theme from jaws'??

Umm... Did I mention...... you look great in green??

But...of course, I'll share! (It is
your house after all....)


I'd feel a bit better if you put your foot back down....

Did I mention you look lovely today??

I'm rather full, actually....

I'll just be sittin' over here...

You'll leave me some, right??

Look, I think I scared her off! She's walking away!

This can't be good...

nothing in my mouth! I swear!!!

I just felt like taking a break... yes, that was it... a little break....


Finally, my turn again!

This is my idea of a food bowl!

Uh, helloooo..

the gray thing there is my tail...

In case you weren't sure....

Sharing is so fun!

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wolfgirl1987 said...

LOL! Such delicious goodies. And sharing so nicely too :)

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