Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Room With A View (sort of)!

Welcome, welcome! There are a few changes in Fort Sammy that I need to catch you up on, so I'm glad you stopped by!

...So, she comes to me a few days ago and says, "
We need to talk."

Look here, I'm 28 years old. When a woman says, we need to talk, I know that means she will be talking, and I will be listening!

Is it safe to come out?

Since Strider threw such a fuss about being near the window (he is such a whiner)....

I've been moved to his spot; he took mine. I now have some much needed (and, deserved I might add) privacy!

I've still got a view - but I LOVE the privacy and spaciousness.

It is good to be cautious in all things, though..

So alright mom, let's get to the point... since I'm willing to
allow you to move me, I get double millet, right?

Umm... why do you always bring up the "weight thing"? That gets old...

Ah - what a nice view! I'm like - king of this part of the room!

Look at all this space I have! Not only do I have my Fort, but I can run around on the table and play with all my toys!

For the first time, the "let's talk" thing had a happy ending! I love this new spot!

Bonus: I am closer to the box that the music comes out of! Genius!

Check this out - I have a new egg crate toy! It looks just like the one....

(Wait just a minute - - - MOM! is that a hand-me-down toy?!)

I love having this big play table in addition to my Fort! What a nifty idea! (It could use a few more 'decorations' though, if you ask me.) She started to paint the bottom.... I guess it has to start somewhere...

Yes, I love this! Private, but yet I can see everyone and everything from this vantage point! It is sort of a 'supervisory' role, which is appropriate given the wisdom of my age...

Back off kids - I'm in charge over here!

Look Close!

Bride of tiel! (A tiel body with a bride head!)

Ok, that was just a lit-
tiel joke....

This is, after all, a bird room - why all the wedding photos?

Yes, I think this is going to work out quite well for me! As long as Strider stays on his own fort, we won't need to call the sheriff!

Did you hear he is going to be in a singing contest? (I'm sure you did... the WHOLE WORLD has heard about it... and Coco and I are exposed to his
relentless practicing....)

I must be going much millet to eat, so few food dishes! Thank you for stopping by!

Leave me a comment if you love my new area as much as me!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like your new spot, Sammy!

wolfgirl1987 said...

looks great, Sammy!

Bug said...

your new spot looks grate Sammy.. :)

Mitch said...

LOL Sweet. I actually enjoyed reading this. What talent you have....and I love your fort!

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