Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ring-A-Ding Ding!!


Can you help me make this call??

Well, it would seem there was just a little bit of unusual activity going on in the Fort yesterday!

This looks like a simple futon with the customary comforter and blankets...

But oh - it is so much more than that!

This is actually the super-secret, secure location of:

The telephone!

When I last used the phone, I made a critical error, and inadvertently let the secret out of the 'blanket':

I may have missed this detail, but The Diva certainly did not!

Upon returning home from work, I found this:

As any mother would do, I began interrogating the most likely suspect, who was sitting on her Fort swing
with a poker-face:


"Hello Coco! What happened here?"

"I'll go see Sammers!"

"Sammers? No, I'm not believing this is Sammers' beak work.

"Hi, honey!"

"Hi, Coco - Do you want to tell me what happened, honey? I see you came down from your Fort and you were wandering around the room!"

"Are you hungry? Mmmmmmm!"

"I think you are changing the subject! You chewed the phone cord!"

"Scoobie Doobie Doooooooooo!"


Talk about not taking responsibility... clearly, she was sticking to her story, and there was no way she was going to admit guilt. I wasn't buying the "Sammers" defense, and I really didn't think this was the work of Scoobie....

Fortunately, there is not enough 'juice' in a phone cord to cause her harm. Nonetheless, I would prefer to be the only one using that phone!

The remainder of the room was left intact, so I suppose the lure of technology was too much for her to resist!

It just goes to show me - I might miss the details, but she never will!

(Note to self: Do NOT leave the cell phone laying around!
When trying to get a 10 hour phone call to Portugal taken off my bill, I don't think the Scoobie-Doobie-Doo defense [or Sammy defense] is going to cut it!!!!)


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