Sunday, April 5, 2009

Me and my TOYS!

It took some effort, but I finally got my companion away from the keyboard. Now I have a chance to speak for myself! I actually have a nice vocabulary of words, phrases, whistles and noises, but as you can see, I also type!

I am Coco (my nickname is 'The Diva'), a female yellow fronted (or yellow crowned) amazon parrot: amazona ochrocephala. A boy amazon could have easily told her that I was a girl, but she insisted on taking me to the veterinarian for a blood test. It seemed like a lot of trouble to me, but she wanted to know for sure, and unless you are a boy parrot, you cannot tell that I am a girl by looking at me.

Before I got access to the computer today, I spent time watching my companion clean and vacuum. I could do this for hours; it is quite fascinating! The vacuum is a large black object that makes a lot of noise, but naturally, I can make more noise! It is a great game! Making noise and messes are two of my favorite activities, so I find time for both everyday. I especially like scattering bottle caps all around as you can see!

I enjoy having a variety of objects (toys) to keep me entertained and engaged. Actually, Fort Coco, itself, is just a big toy... one that I am determined to make toothpicks out of! Fortunately, it was designed so that the parts could be easily removed and replaced as needed... wasn't that clever?! You can see in the photo on the left an arrow pointing to a section I have recently started dismantling. I know it doesn't look like much yet, but redecorating the Fort with just a beak is a process that cannot be rushed!

I also don't limit myself to one piece of wood at
a time; throughout the day I chew all over the Fort! Check me out in the photo on the right, I am chewing on my ladder while upside down! Now, that's talent!

My companion provides me with a variety of toys that hold my interest. Sometimes they are store bought, but often they are just things she finds around the house such as plastic or paper straws, plastic combs, pieces of paper or cardboard, bottle caps, chunks of woods strung on sisal rope, small plastic bottles, empty plastic thread spools, large plastic ribbon spools, binder clips, plastic pen caps, key rings, and even metal crochet hooks! I would love to get my beak on her wooden knitting needles, but sadly, she always puts them away when she is done playing with them. (To be honest, I find that terribly selfish, don't you agree?!) She routinely changes toys around, puts toys where she thinks I cannot easily reach them, and sometimes puts toys away for awhile. (I am not sure what that is all about, but I am so excited when they show up in my Fort again!)

But when playtime is over, there is nothing like taking a little break with a nice piece of walnut or pecan - two of my favorite nuts (besides the two companions I live with)!

Stay tuned: the next time I commandeer access to the computer, I will be writing of my plans to get rid of the family dog!

~ The Diva ~



clifff123 said...

April 5, read it all and you have quite an imagination :)clifff123

Carly (ozzie) said...

haha Robin! So funny the last part of getting rid of the family dog! I'm falling in love with coco's personality XD

wolfgirl1987 said...

Great to finally hear from the Diva herself! lol!

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