Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fort Coco's Center Pole

"Fort Coco" was designed with one thing in mind:

A place for Coco to live, 24/7, without a cage. A place where she would have everything a parrot could want, and then some: space to fly, space to forage, and plenty of activities to keep her mind and body happy and healthy!

Fort Coco is built on a 5x8 foot piece of enameled masonite that sits on 3/4 inch plywood of the same size. The Components of Fort Coco include:

1) The Center Pole
2) The Main House
3) The Watering Station
4) The Secondary House
5) The Lower Level Foraging and Play Area

The First Component:
The Center Pole

The first piece to be constructed was the Center Pole. It began with a 3 to 4 coupler, and utilized a pvc pipe, cap and a variety of perches, simple at first, and then later decorated with sisal rope.

The Main Pole has places for toys to hang, and Coco even enjoys chewing on the sisal rope where I often place plastic bottle caps and other 'goodies' for her to find.

The Center Pole is where Coco spends a great deal of time hanging out. She has a clear view of the mountains, the outdoor birds, squirrels, and has even seen a bear walking by a time or two!

(The view from
Fort Coco)

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